CTV National News | Wednesday, Dec. 20, 2023; Trump banned from ballot; 20,000 reported dead in Gaza


Tonight growing Fallout from the historic Colorado Supreme Court decision disqualifying Donald Trump setting up for a likely showdown in America’s highest court Donald Trump is the only person to blame for this could it happen in other states and what it means for the former president’s reelection chances examining the mortgage math of

Falling interest rates crunching the numbers for new buyers and homeowners thousands in New Brunswick prepare for Christmas in the dark nobody’s seen a storm like this before in Quebec transforming a parking lot into a tent city for the most vulnerable plus cracking the secret dress code it wasn’t like anything else I had

So I kind of couldn’t resist it the Winnipeg researcher who uncovered the mystery Behind These cryptic handwritten notes CTV national news with Omar saaden good evening everyone we begin tonight with an unprecedented moment in American politics and the Fallout from the Colorado Supreme Court decision to Bar Donald Trump from that State’s

Presidential primary ballot his campaign calling it completely flawed Trump himself saying it was quote a sad day in America America even his Republican Rivals came to his defense Colorado’s Top Court ruled Trump was not eligible because of his conduct in the January 6th attack on the US capital the first

Time a court has disqualified a presidential candidate under the US Constitution socalled Insurrection Clause ctv’s Washington bureau chief Joy malbin on Trump’s next steps and what it means for his reelection bid is coming Iowa voters Pride themselves being first to have their say in in the presidential election but that

Bombshell Colorado Supreme Court ruling that Donald Trump engaged in an Insurrection disqualifying him from Office threatens to damage Trump’s hope of returning to the White House it’s detestable they had no right to do that he’s not been convicted of anything to me it’s like wait a minute what does

Your Constitution say he incited a riot the justices ruled Trump’s words and actions when his supporters stormed the Capital we’re going to walk down to the capital we fight like hell violated The Constitution’s 14th Amendment a civil war rule Banning insurrectionists from holding office there was no trial on any

Of this they basically just said what you can’t be on the ballot I mean how does that work even Trump’s Rivals hoping to defeat him are out defending him we don’t need have judges making these decisions we need voters to have make these decisions I think it would

Cause a lot of anger in this country if people had the choice taken away from them calling it a sad day in America Trump is using his latest legal setback to political Advantage raising money and motivating his supporters calling it all a plot against him he faces four

Criminal cases over his attempt to overturn the 2020 election he’s also trying to defend his anti-immigrant comments that critics say Echo Adolf Hitler and it’s true true they’re destroying the blood of our country that’s what they’re doing they don’t like it when I said that and I never read

Mine they said oh Hitler said that in a much different way Mr President asked about the Colorado ruling President Joe Biden said the courts will decide but he certainly supported an Insurrection no question about it none zero the final word on all this will likely come from the US Supreme Court conservatives hold

A majority which could make the color ruling to boot Trump off the primary ballot a bit of a long shot Omar all right Joy thank you the Israeli military has revealed the three hostages mistakenly killed by Israeli forces had escaped from Hamas 5 days earlier this

As a grim Milestone is marked in Gaza Hamas authorities say the death total is now an estimated 20,000 here’s ctv’s Adrien griel strapped with cameras and rifles Israeli soldiers sweep through gas as a city uncovering what they say is an intricate network of tunnels used as a major Hamas command and control

Center further south than Rafa the human toll of IDF air strikes are also recorded as more innocent children are caught in the crosshairs of this devastating War Gaza today uh is the most dangerous place in the world to be to be a child while the Hamas run health

Authority doesn’t share the number of Fighters killed they say 20,000 people have died and more than 52,000 have been wounded in Gaza since this conflict began in Israel at least 1,00 people have died and 6,900 injured by Hamas and other Palestinian militants since October 7th the security Council has

Agreed to continue negotiations today to allow for additional time for diplomacy for a third consecutive day a un Security Council vote calling for a ceasefire was postponed as members work to get the US to support their draft resolution the Canadian government has joined the chorus of some Western Nations calling for an immediate

Humanitarian ceasefire Canada lists Hamas as a terrorist organization that didn’t stop a Hamas spokesperson from thanking the government this week the statement by Canada Australia and New Zealand backing sustainable ceasefire in Gaza we welcome these developments in response Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs is posting on social media

Tonight that Hamas are terrorists our statement was clear for a ceasefire to be sustainable Hamas must release all hostages five were seen in videos released this week since the start of this war concerns have been raised that this conflict could spread across the region with IDF soldiers now patrolling the North near

Lebanon violence escalating in the West Bank and Iranian backed hthy militants from Yemen attacking Israeli linked commercial ships in the Red Sea the footprint of this conflict is expanding on the sidelines the US a major power broker whose Secretary of State delivered this direct message during his year end addressed today I hear

Virtually no one saying demanding of Hamas that it stop hiding behind civilians that it laid down its arms that it surrendered Israel has said it is ready for another human itarian pause to release hostages while Hamas leaders took part in multiple meetings across the Arab world today they reiterated

Their position that there will be no exchange of prisoners until the war comes to an end Omar all right Adrian thank you India’s prime minister is breaking his silence about an alleged plot by his government to assassinate a Canadian Modi told the Financial Times newspaper he would definitely look into

A foiled attempt to murder a six separatist a dual Canadian American citizen living in New York us authorities say it was orchestrated by the Indian government Canada has also linked Indian agents to the killing of a sick leader in BC India denies it the worst of the storm may be over but

Lights are not back on for thousands of maritimers who could be in the dark for Christmas ctv’s Laura Brown on the roadblocks in New Brunswick it’s like a real life obstacle course but there’s nothing fun about it somebody’s going to get hurt there’s no amans and there’s something wrong if

They can’t clear trees out so that the roads are open in some spots the power line is holding the tree up enough you can drive under but there are others where traffic is down to one lane most in this area are without power for obvious reasons we have poles broken off

And hundreds and hundreds of trees down across lines and and then we said well they’ll be along to start to fix this up nothing nothing Richard Cory believes the safety risk today is higher than it was during the storm tonight it’s going to get colder tomorrow it’s going to be

Even colder we have places that we would expect that still might be without power at Christmas MB power is trying to avoid that but can’t make any promises while we’re planning to have power connected for new bruners by Christmas we can we’ll continue to provide updates on our

Progress so you can plan accordingly at its peak 129 9,000 customers were off the grid with the majority in ferton and Charlotte County areas generators no we are completely out customers at this hardware store appear to be in good spirits people were you know even laughing about the whole situation and

Saying you know yeah I’m coming in looking for a generator probably should have done this three storms ago for now the hum of generators is drowning out Christmas carols and some communities it is colder tonight restoration times according to MB power’s website are as late as this weekend but the utilities president is

Warning people to be prepared for an even longer wait Omar all right Laura thank you Winnipeg police are searching for suspects after what they call a brutal assault on an indigenous woman it’s disturbing and uh it’s a it’s a complete um disregard for any kind of human life as

Far as I’m concerned the 27-year-old was beaten then tied and dumped in a garbage bin on December 9th the next day someone heard her screaming for help and took her to hospital where she was treated for injuries and discharged police believe these three people are directly involved in the attack and are seeking

The public’s help finding them and Toronto police caught up with their suspect today after a dangerous Pursuit officers chased a stolen U-Haul through busy downtown streets while a police helicopter followed overhead the driver allegedly kid napped someone at gunpoint the result could have been catastrophic especially with a person

Who’s believed to be armed with a firearm the same man is also suspected of stabbing a police officer a couple of weeks ago for anyone that has or is considering a mortgage there are signs of relief tonight fixed rates are the lowest they’ve been in months ctv’s

Kevin Gallagher on what that means for new buyers and homeowners climbing mortgage rates have squeezed homeowners over the past 3 years and become an obstacle for those looking to buy I believe that this is the optimism that they were looking for with interest rates coming down for the

First time since May some lenders are offering insured five-year fixed mortgages with interest rates below 5% still well above the 1.39% rates available at the beginning of 2021 I recommend all Canadians to continue saving even if the rates Dro by another quarter percent or half percent

Or even a full percent is still very affordable for many Canadians falling fixed rate mortgages are reacting to lower bond yields as markets anticipate central banks like the Bank of Canada will cut rates next year something David spakman has been waiting two years for he rents now but

Will move into a new home in February despite lower fixed rates he’s getting a variable mortgage probably more than half of the term of my mortgage will be below uh the fixed rate so in the long run I’ll I’ll be saving some money most mortgage brokers anticipate rates will

Reduce but not to the lows some got during the pandemic putting Millions at risk of shocking increases 60% of Canadian mortgages are up for Renewal over the next three years according to RBC everyone’s kind of starting to take that Victory lap but in if inflation returns that could mean rates are quite

A bit higher for longer and I think that’s the big risk today the Bank of Canada says it still needs months of data to ensure inflation is trending down Omar so it still might take some time before homeowners feel more relief many hoping for it in the New Year all

Right Kevin thank you for this tonight candada tax agency knows how to follow the money and revealed today some of its own staff took covid benefits they were not entitled to 185 CRA employees have now been fired for wrongly claiming the canid emergency resp response benefit better known as

Serb they need to pay it back the program gave $2,000 a month to anyone out of work because of the pandemic public sector unions in Quebec representing more than 400,000 workers including teachers and lab technicians are threatening an unlimited general strike in the New Year if they can’t

Reach a deal with the provincial government ctv’s Vanessa Lee on the warning and the labor stalemate on the picket line since November 2st these Quebec teachers are among tens of thousands demanding better salaries and changes to class sizes and workloads we’ve given up this long five weeks of salary and five weeks of

Learning for the kids we’re still here we’re not going to stop until we get what we want and what the students deserve students in the French boards have already missed out on five weeks of school and soon teachers at all public schools in the province could walk off

The job indefinitely I think they do a lot that’s unpaid as well so I definitely understand their strike action uh and I agree with it and support it wholeheartedly as much as it does disrupt us at home these people spend all day every day with our kids

Until now the Coalition of unions known as the common front representing nearly half a million education and healthcare workers has taken part in rotating strikes in addition to school closures non-urgent medical appointments have been cancelled they’re now threatening to launch an unlimited general strike if they can’t reach a deal our members are

Clear um workers from the public sectors are saying this negotiation is very important we have high hopes and that’s why we have to meet them as the labor Strife drags on some teachers are forced to look for side jobs While others are considering leaving the profession Al together the chairs the writing material

All this is purchased uh with my own money including High School teacher Alyssa Gutman the income for teachers uh is proving to be unreliable and we’re a family of four and I can’t I literally cannot afford to go without an income the province is not commenting on the

Union’s threat and says they’re still looking to have a deal in place by Christmas Omar all right Vanessa thank you coming up I can see the face in the morning and face they said they sleep well for a long time ago they didn’t sleep like that a vital solution to protect the most Vulnerable tomorrow is the first day of winter an especially painful and punishing season for those experiencing homelessness ctv’s Annie ber Oliver on the community putting up a t City to protect the V vulnerable at a time when others are tearing them down in the heart of gatau a new

Community has popped up turning a parking lot into a temporary reprieve for residents down on their luck I can see the face in the morning like happy face they said they sleep well for a long time ago they didn’t sleep like that the city of gatau the nonprofit

Itiner zero and developer Devore have set up 48 insulated tents for residents who were facing another winter in makeshift camps nearby each tent has a bed sleeping bag electricity and a heater in a secure Zone with easy access to warm showers bathrooms and social workers the important things is to make sure

Nobody’s going to freeze here so that’s the reason why we do that and it’s the beginning of a long project these tents are only here for the winter with the project coming to an end in May but the developer devor is hoping this is a pilot they can replicate in other Quebec

Cities it’s estimated as many many as 300,000 people experience homelessness across Canada each year in Toronto shelter space is strained demand has increased by 44% over the last 2 years and many of those seeking help are new to Canada new Refugee claimants currently in the shelter system are

Coming in uh at twice the rate that we can support them to move into permanent housing and that shelter crunch is pushing more people to encampments that cities like Edmonton argue are unsafe we’ve got people burning to death we’ve got gangs in there we’ve got serious medical issues we’ve got cold weather

Coming Edmonton police are getting set to clear eight down town encampments but they can’t do it before finding accommodation for those being displaced when it’s so cold out it’s like I’ve seen these these tents get ripped down and thrown out like it’s nothing and then what where are we supposed to go

What are we supposed to do a challenge with no easy or quick solution Annie ban Oliver CTV News gatau still ahead breaking barriers making strides in the hockey referee Ranks despite the significant strides when it comes to representation and Sport there are still glaring gaps tonight CV’s Allison Bamford introduces us to two Saskatchewan women who are breaking barriers in the world of hockey refereeing Alex Clark first put on her black and white Stripes at 12 years old

Now at 30 she’s lacing up for her second game as a referee in the Western Hockey League I call this my full-time hobby a hobby that’s paying off Clark’s one of the first two women to ever ref in the western Junior League as a female and as

A mother I think we have lots of challenges and it’s just another one that goes with it the mother of two is no stranger to the glass ceiling she broke it a couple years ago when she became the whl’s first female lines person this time around she has

Company being the first with somebody else makes me even more proud because it means that you’re not going at it alone it means somebody else is getting opportunities that somebody else is Sienna leafers the two women have marked years worth of Milestones on the ice together including the 2021 women’s

World championship and the 2022 Beijing Olympics if you would have asked me even six years ago if any of that would have happened um I probably would have laughed at you but they say the culture is changing leafers and Clark now join 45 men to make up the whl’s referee

Roster this season there’s only a handful of other females reing at the same level in Ontario and Quebec our philosophy is really uh performance and whoever qualifies uh to be on the ice as an official in the Western Hockey League uh whether they be male or female uh

That’s who we want to have the league says female officiating is keeping Pace with the growth of women’s hockey and as the professional women’s hockey league prepares for its debut next year both leafers and Clark are excited to be a part of its officiating staff this league is just going to help further

Develop our female referees that we do have until one day when they hope a woman gets called up to the NHL Allison Bamford CTV News Regina Inspirations after the break a secret pocket guide to time travel cryptic notes secret pockets and a code cracker may sound like the perfect

Plotline of a spy movie but CTV Scott Lightfoot has a real world American mystery solved right here in Canada this is an 1880s bustle dress that I bought for my historic costume collection about 10 years ago it was the dress that caught Sarah Rivers cofield’s eye and it wasn’t like anything else I

Had so uh I kind of couldn’t resist it but it’s what she found inside that would become a case for Curious code crackers around the world while I was examining the skirt is when I realized by having it upside down I could see that there was a pocket

Attached on the inside and there was something in it and I could tell there was something in it by find in the pocket cuz you could feel that there was a little lump in there that lump turned out to be twoo Crum up well-worn pieces

Of paper we got it to a readable point and we’re like but it didn’t make any sense so we start reading like think it’s like bismar obit Buck Bank like what does it mean answering that question would take about a decade Rivers Coffield posted the dress and the

Papers on her blog about antique clothing and for years internet sleuths and code Breakers tried to figure it out I’ve looked at about 170 different code books you know and and none of them matched um these code words the mystery would be solved by a researcher who

Works here at the University of Manitoba Wayne Chan saw the posts on the internet and in his spare time managed to make the connection between the words on the papers and words used for weather codes at the time they managed to like by the 1880s turn like a full weather report

Down to to both you know six or seven words a code of just a few seemingly unconnected and random words contained everything from location to temperature to wind speeds vital weather information being sent across the US by Telegraph Chan was further able to deduce the exact day the information was recorded May 27th

1888 this is a much bigger picture about how the telegraph changed everybody’s lives how suddenly everybody is able to know what the weather is going to be which is something I never thought about before Scott Lightfoot CTV News Toronto fascinating and that’s a snapshot of this Wednesday for all of us at CTV

National news thank you for watching good night and see you Tomorrow

Colorado Supreme Court prevents Donald Trump from being on the ballot; louder calls for ceasefire as Hamas reports nearly 20,000 dead in Gaza.

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