COVID test supplier received billions in pandemic contracts after submitting edited results


Just some pictures of of my mom when the pandemic hit Janet Foley’s 83-year-old mother Marilyn was living in this retirement home to visit Janet was first required to take a covid-19 rapid test and I was an essential caregiver so I had to be tested all the time if you

Pass that test then you can go in Begin by opening the pouch and removing the test device the retirement homes tests were from a Canadian company called btnx Ottawa spent about 2 bill million dollar to buy 400 million btnx tests in those now familiar green boxes but these rapid tests may not have

Worked as well as advertised so it looks like the data was manipulated for it to be more sensitive we asked several infectious disease specialists to review BTN X’s clinical studies presented to health Canada for approval btnx claimed its atome rapid tests could detect covid-19 more than 90% of the time well

Above the World Health organization’s minimum threshold of 80% but the scientists consulted by global news found irregularities in those results btnx is based near Toronto but its tests are made by a company in China Global News found btnx had removed dozens of samples from the Test’s original clinical study without

Explanation that Omission made the test appear more sensitive that removal of data is is a really a violation of all research principles btnx said it deleted the data because the US FDA was moving towards excluding retrospective positive samples which btnx did as well but the FDA didn’t change its guidelines until

One year later and experts said that explanation isn’t convincing it’s a complete data set that they changed that’s why it it was strange this biomedical researcher conducted a study for Spain’s Health System she recommended against buying the test finding it was among the worst at detecting covid-19 in asymptomatic

Patients in this case was among the lowest sensitivity of what we test in the fall of 2020 Health Canada conducted its own study and it found the btnx rapid test was 100% effective at detecting covid-19 in patients with the very highest viral loads like the super spreaders but in other infectious

Patients the test sensitivity plummeted far below what the company had claimed other Studies by the British and German governments found similar even lower results experts say this means a positive test result could be trusted but not a negative one typically we would say that’s unacceptable um and

Deem that the test is is not good enough to be able to let us know that an individual is actually infectious in response btnx accused global news of cherry-picking data it said the Canadian and German health ministries used poor samples which did not accurately represent test efficacy though

Regulators around the world were using the same method btnx provided results from several private studies showing higher sensitivity levels conducted in countries such as Pakistan and Mexico but it declined to share the raw data remove the swab in February 2021 Health Canada approved the B tnx test if used

Properly the instructions said the tests were more than 90% effective I think it’s outrageous that the public wasn’t as aware of the discrepancies in the testings that had real life implications Health Canada said it had no plans to reassess the btnx device a spokesperson said all authorized tests are supported

By scientific evidence demonstrating that they consistently met standards to provide accurate and reliable results Janet Foley feels her trust in the rapid tests was betrayed in 2022 Foley’s mother Marilyn died of covid-19 it’s unclear how the virus entered her nursing home her last moments with her

Mom were spent in full PPE holding her hand through a glove it’s unconscionable Jeff simple Global News Toronto

A Global News investigation is raising questions about a particular brand of COVID-19 rapid tests.

The tests are produced by a Toronto area company called BTNX.

During the pandemic, the rapid tests were sent to schools, hospitals and grocery stores.

But as Jeff Semple reports, they may not have worked as well as advertised.

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