Cape Breton boy starts Christmas tree lot for extra holiday cash


Countdown is on to Christmas only four more days to go hopefully you already have your tree up last minute decorators in K Bretton have another option for getting their hands on a tree from the young entrepreneur we’re about to tell you about as Aaron potty reports he’s

Been putting in the work to bring us his customer to bring his customers that is the best looking trees around there’s a new tree lot on the Block and the person running it well he’s quite the salesman I want people to know that they’re really big and they’re they’re nice and

Fish for the past few weeks Michael mcneel has been in the woods with a small saw cutting down trees to be sold at his business Mike’s fresh cut trees the small lot can be found behind his grandparents house in Westmount customers have the choice of trees ranging from small tall full or skinny

So who’s picking out the Christmas tree me and what do you look for in a good Christmas tree Porky Pines yeah big Kim mcneel is Michael’s mom she says her son’s business has been a great learning experience and even led to Michael opening his own bank account him

And his uh poppy go up to the woods and they’ve been uh he’s been showing the poppy the trees and Poppy’s been kind of giving him some supervision with the and let him cut them down himself so we have all kinds of funny pictures of Michael

Under trees and that but he’s learning a lot about being in the woods and about budgeting his money and earning money so the seven-year-old not only picks out the trees he also comes up with the pricing so you know what what to look for in a good Christmas tree yeah

Michael says he carries trees over to his customers vehicles and just how does he plan to spend his money they get my family Christmas presents Billy and CLA for say their grandson sold a few trees last Christmas and became hooked like last year he had

A few trees to sell right so he couldn’t wait for for this year I think he wanted to start selling in September yeah so like but like I said doesn’t surprise me when he wants to make money just a natural for him for Michael going out into the woods is a cold job

But one he’s prepared to do and if he ends up making some extra cash well he’s Sav up for a dirt bike although his family says it may take a few dozen more trees before he gets there Aaron potty CBC News West Mount

A Cape Breton boy wanted to earn some extra money for the holidays, so he headed to the woods with a saw in hand. With the help from his grandfather, he started a Christmas tree lot.

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