Canada’s Christmas weather forecast: Will it be a winter wonderland or a green oasis?


Just about here and a big question as we countd down to Christmas in this home stretch will it be green will it be white I have a feeling it depends on where you are but we ask the man with the definitive answers that’s Global’s CH Santa no no Santa was available

Santa’s busy right now he’s so busy so is chief meteorologist Anthony farell but he you know what he carved out some time for us to answer this question and oh gosh he looks very serious Anthony the question so many Canadians are wondering right now will it be green or white this

Christmas well for uh much of the country Carolyn it is looking like a green Christmas and I’ve been doing this now for quite a while and I’m going back even before I started in meteorology and I do think this is the greenest Christmas or brownest Christmas however

You want to think of it across the country that we maybe have have ever seen at least since uh Records began and there’s a main reason for this and I think it has a lot to do with climate change there’s another reason and that’s El Nino you may have heard a bit about

That typically we get milder deers and milder Winters overall in an El Nino year but nothing like what we’ve seen so far now the stats back me up I want to start historically let’s take a look at a few cities from east to west across the country and how that’s changed since

The late 50s early 60s to now Halifax 44% less chance of a white Christmas now uh than it used to be and now it’s only about a 36% chance of having 2 cenm on the ground on Christmas morning that’s the definition of a white Christmas frederickton those odds going down

Toronto uh about a quarter less chance now less than 50% odds which is basically a crap shoot and then as we look elsewhere across the country uh I’m going to need a little bit of help advancing this weather map to see that green versus white Christmas forecast

But just about every city with the exception of Victoria has lesser odds now of a white Christmas versus what it used to be so as far as that map goes for the next couple of uh of days there’s not much chance of snow in fact it’s going to be a very mild pattern

Coast to Coast which is great news for travelers because remember last year remember all the chaos at the airports there was a huge storm right before Christmas in Southern Ontario into Quebec and the maritimes as well so as far as uh the snow pack right now as we

Go Coast to Coast you can see there isn’t much snow on the ground and we’re not anticipating much so what does that mean for white Christmas chances that’s what we’re asking right well if you’re in pretty much any of the big cities it doesn’t look good and even if there is a

Little bit of snow on the ground in Winnipeg it’s it’s kind of old snow that’s melted and it’s mixed with salt uh there may be 2 cm there but nothing fresh on the way there I am anticipating however a pattern change and that is good news for any outdoor winter

Enthusiast maybe people have a sled or skis or skates uh underneath the Christmas tree there is hope I think as we get later towards the new year into 2024 we’re going to see some real winter across this country uh by that point maybe less of us want the snow but it is

Coming I just think it is delayed uh it is however concerning as you saw by those numbers uh how big a change we’ve had from the Christmases of way back when guys

The ultimate question is finally being answered! Will Christmas be a winter wonderland or a green oasis across Canada?

Global’s chief meteorologist, Anthony Farnell, has the answers as he gives us his cross-country forecast on ‘The Morning Show.’

So, sit tight, grab some hot cocoa, and let’s find out if we’ll be singing “Let it Snow” or “Mele Kalikimaka” this holiday season.

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