Canada’s ambassador to the U.S. discusses Trump and UN resolution on Gaza – latest news update

In the news today: Canada's ambassador to the U.S. talks Trump, UN resolution on Gaza

“Is the Canada-U.S. relationship running on ice? They’re not so quick to update to new threats”

Canada’s ties with the United States have seen a year of significant developments. With the possibility of Donald Trump’s return in the next year’s presidential elections, Canada’s Ambassador to the U.S, Kirsten Hillman is already gearing up. Following President Joe Biden’s successful visit to Ottawa, Hillman hails 2023 as a “watershed year” for Canada-U.S. relations. But with close contact to Trump’s advisors, they’re preparing for any eventuality.

Avoiding a UN Veto on Gaza Aid

Meanwhile, the U.S. is working alongside its allies and Arab nations to avoid a veto of a new UN resolution on aid to Gaza. The U.S. has been pushing to change the resolution’s text and is focused on ensuring that aid trucks only carry humanitarian goods.

A Look At What’s On The Horizon

Over to the defense side of things, the commander of Norad, Gen. Glen VanHerck, has highlighted that both Canada and the U.S. need to be quicker at adapting to emerging threats. VanHerck emphasized the need for faster upgrades to radar systems and the use of artificial intelligence to gather and analyze data.

Marking Holidays in the Wake of Wildfires

The devastating wildfires in British Columbia earlier this year have left scars that will affect the upcoming holiday season. With fire chiefs and communities still recovering from the aftermath, there’s a significant sense of loss and trauma as the holidays approach.

Airports and Carriers Prepare for the Rush

As we head into the holiday season, airports and airlines are gearing up for what could be one of the busiest travel periods. Rolling out new snow sweepers and updating baggage and data systems, operators are getting ready to handle any potential travel snarls.

The Long-Awaited White Christmas

Canadian climatologist, David Phillips, has stated that most of the country will likely have a green Christmas this year due to unusually warm and dry conditions.


The year 2023 has been significant in shaping the Canada-U.S. relations, and there are many developments to watch out for. From diplomacy challenges at the UN, preparing for potential leadership change in the U.S., and issues like climate change and natural disasters – there’s a lot that can impact both countries. It’s a reminder that international relations and global events are ever-changing, and adapting to these changes is crucial in safeguarding peace, security, and stability.”



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