Canada and Trump’s first term: Lessons learned, says ambassador

Canada learned lessons from Trump's first term — and vice versa, says ambassador

“Lessons Trump Leaves Behind – President Displays Better Grasp of Canada’s Importance”

Donald Trump may have had a volatile first term as President, but as election day approaches, Trump and his team have enhanced the United States’ understanding of their relationship with Canada. As the prospect of a second term looms, the President’s understanding of Canada’s significance becomes increasingly evident.

Understanding the Mutual Support Between U.S. and Canada

When NAFTA renegotiations took place, Canada proved itself as a worthy adversary, catching even Trump off guard. Additionally, the onset of COVID-19 and subsequent global crisis showed the United States the extent of its integration and mutual support with Canada. This distinct realization led to daily conversations with the senior members of Trump’s White House COVID-19 task force regarding supply chains, vaccine development efforts, and personal protective equipment shortages. While Trump initially imposed export restrictions on essential items, Canada and Mexico were exempt from these measures, highlighting the importance of their partnership.

Outreach Efforts Ahead of Election Year

As Canada continues efforts to engage with former officials and lawmakers who may influence a potential second term, the country grows increasingly strategic and systematic in understanding U.S. policy positions. An enhanced Canadian perspective has been introduced in transportation, agriculture, defense, and energy policy, alongside a growing economic and security caucus coalition in the U.S. Congress.

Future Under a Potential Trump Administration

Heading into an election year, Kirsten Hillman emphasized the importance of understanding the policy positions advocated by a potential Trump administration. Addressing significant mutual matters such as transportation and energy, the relationship between the U.S. and Canada remains intricate and extensive. Hillman cited countless examples to express the significance of cooperation. She focused on energy policy that will play a crucial role under the prospect of Trump’s second term.
As Canada prepares for a potential Trump victory in the upcoming election in 2024, it is essential to stay proactive and uphold this ongoing effort.

“Reflecting on what Canada has established in anticipation of a second Trump term, the question arises: What do we truly learn? The relationship between the United States and Canada goes beyond borders and trade; it impacts the lives of people on both sides. This relationship is a delicate one, and the world’s complexity demands that it be navigated with care. Should Trump secure a second term, there is a critical need for both nations to leverage this understanding for the greater good of their citizens and the globe, demonstrating the closest partnership and utmost cooperation.”



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