Alberta pledges $1.1B towards health care in next three years | Update on Alberta’s health care


Take you live now at Calgary the federal health minister is making an announcement this morning alongside Alberta’s Health Minister here’s Minister Holland it’s fundamentally an issue of prevention we know that cardiovascular disease or uh diabetes are heavily impacted by oral health uh and we know that somebody’s ability to

Go in and get that job or to have the courage to go and uh take a chance uh in their life on uh on a new business or a new relationship is very much dependent upon the confidence they have and their smile so that’s going to be fundamentally transformative so focusing

On prevention focusing on access to family health uh to make sure that people have a relationship with a doctor uh making sure that also uh we work together on data you know ad Minister lrange and I in uh Pei had an extremely constructive meeting with our uh counterparts across the country talking

About how we can work together to share data we know that data saves lives uh so bringing down those barriers and focusing on cooperation is absolutely essential reason why today’s the government of Canada will be investing nearly $200 billion over 10 years on a plan to work together to improve healthare for

Canadians it’s clear that expectations with the provinces and territories will improve our healthare system in a significant way including Rural and remote areas it will support health care workers and reduce backlogs it’ll increase mental health and substance use support it will modernize Health Care Systems with Health Data and

Digital tools today Minister lrange and I will be signing a bilateral agreement under this plan a plan that sees uh $25 billion to Province and territories for tailored bilateral agreements in addressing the unique needs of people in each province and territory it’s part of that $200 billion I was speaking of this

Agreement will see more than $1 billion dollar flow from the federal government to Alberta over the next three years it’s a critical investment and part of a 10-year plan for collaboration as part of this agreement Alberta’s action plan to deliver measurable improvements to the Health Care system by 2026 is

Outlined with this plan more appointments will be available to albertans throughout the province it will increase Diagnostic Imaging capacity in the provinces it will reduce weight times for CT scans and MRIs it will improve Alberta’s ability alberon’s ability to access digital health care services and their own health

Information under this plan First Nation and matey and the province will have access to highquality culturally appropriate care through dedicated funding for supports and initiatives finally this agreement will will enhance support for individuals with mental health challenges and people who use substances it will also reduce median weight times for community mental health

And substance use services this includes nearly 100 new mental health programs for Youth and schools across the province offering more supports for youth with complex needs as they transition to Adult Services reducing the median weight time for community mental health and substance use Services by establishing new treatment and optimizing existing ones prioritizing

Culturally appropriate indigenous community supports uh this is certainly proof that our governments are working together for the better healthc care Canadians and specifically albertans need when they need it it’s evidence that working together creates results today by signing this agreement we’re making a concrete difference in the health and

Well-being of Al burdens all across the province and with that it’s my great pleasure to uh turn it over to Adriana the midal minister of Health for the province of Alberta thank you Minister Holland and uh you’re absolutely right Access to Health Care is top of mind for all

Albertans and Alberta’s government is taking a serious look at the way healthc care is delivered in our Province this is why our government is refocusing our health care System to ensure albertans have access to timely care when and where they need it this agreement and initial funding will provide incremental

Funding approximately $1.1 billion dollar in additional healthare funding to support health and mental health priorities over the next three years it will be used to support actions and initiatives outlined in Alberta’s action plan under the agreement these actions fall under the four shared Health priorities which are expanding access to

Family health services including in Rural and remote areas supporting our health workers and reducing backlogs improving access to Quality mental health substance use oh sorry mental health and substance use and Addiction Services and also modernizing Health Systems within with Health Data and digital tools I sincerely want to thank Minister

Holland and the federal government for working with us to reach this agreement you’ve been great to work with Mark um and your team as this is as is the case in every other Province we know the Health Care system in Alberta is under strain and change is needed our goal is

To improve the delivery of health care for all albertans and for our Frontline workers who work so hard each and every day to serve our their patients albertans wanton deserve easier access to a primary care provider such as the a doctor or a nurse practitioner they also want Urgent Care without long

Weight lines access to the best continuing care options and supports and improved access to mental health and addiction treatment services built on the exceptional skills and work of healthc care providers Alberta is reforming its Health Care system by strengthening governance building capacity and enhancing the delivery coordination for the four pillars of our

Health system which are primary care acute care continuing care and mental health and addictions we are making significant and targeted Investments to improve capacity and the delivery of Health Care in our Province and addressing the challenges we know are putting strain on our valued healthcare workers with the largest

Budget for health spending in our provinces history it’s 26.4 billion right now we are investing an additional 262 million of the new funding to strengthen our Prim Primary Care System an additional 104 million is committed to Alberta’s Health Workforce strategy that sets out a framework for supporting the province’s current health workers

And building up this Workforce so that it can support albertans and ensure they get the health care they need when and where they need it a healthy sustainable engaged and efficient Health healthc Care Workforce is essential to ensuring timely access to healthc care now and into the future

Alberta is also working pardon me Alberta is also looking at funding models that will better support family doctors so that they can spend more time with their patients rather than spending their time on administrative tasks in addition to continuing to support our family physicians Alberta will also be one of the first provinces

To allow nurse practitioners to operate their own clinics based on their scope of practice thus expanding our work for even farther another key area the new federal government funding will support is improving access to Quality mental health and addiction treatment services for albertans Minister Williams could

Not be here today but I do want to take this opportunity to share a bit about uh how this agreement will help and support the work his ministry is doing around mental health and addiction Alberta is committed to supporting the mental health and well-being of all Els and has

Made significant Investments as we build out the Alberta recovery model specifically the new model and the new funding will be used to maintain the enhancements previously supported in the bilateral agreement of 2017 so this includes enhanced mental health and addiction community- Based Services Crisis Support Outreach Services and

Adding intensive care options there will be a continued focus on enhancing mental health and Addiction Services for Children and Youth by implementing more school-based supports in high priority communities as well as providing more access to clinical mental health and Addiction Services through Community Day programs and residential treatment options increasing access to mental

Health and addiction supports for adults to reduce wait times will also be a priority for the new funding some of this new funding from the federal government will also contribute to ongoing improvements to data infrastructure and sharing so Healthcare teams can securely work together to optimize patient care integrating Primary Health Care

Services through data is particularly important for those living in rural and remote parts of the province the funding announced today will help us address some of the challenges we are experiencing around Health Care in our Province however we remain hopeful that a meaningful and permanent increase to the Canada Health transfer will happen

There are significant issues facing the delivery of Health Care not just in Alberta but right across the country with more sustainable predictable funding we can optimize the opportunities for Health Care Improvement unique to our residents and make progress on longer term public health goals and I’m confident working

With u Minister Holland that we can achieve that end so again thank you so much and we go

Alta. officials announce $1.1 billion in funding over the next three years for health care and health-care initiatives across the province.

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