Woman says Victoria police officer threatened her


A woman who filed a complaint against a Victoria police officer is sharing her story tonight the officer in question has been suspended and as Anna McMillan reports the alleged victim says she’s taking her power back know Felicia McCrae says she felt like she’d found someone she could trust I always very

Much viewed Jose as our respected police officer she says she met Victoria police officer Jose Bingham when she was 15 and dating his son at the time I was you know Street entrenched like on drugs McCrate says she got sober and they reconnected late last year when she was

21 and Bingham was 49 a few months later she claims they started an affair he said okay I want to take sex tapes of you to in as reassurance and I quote that you won’t tell my wife what did he tell you he would do with them if few to

His wife they were going to be leaked online she says at least 12 videos were recorded on bingham’s phone I felt like I had someone that I trusted I felt more safe so I was like kind of just like avoiding the threat aspect of it and just like no but this relationship’s

Great she says when the relationship started to crumble she asked for the videos I was very very upset and I’m like no you need to give these to me and he wasn’t willing to do so we tried to contact Bingham but did not hear back and his employer the Victoria Police

Department is not commenting due to the ongoing misconduct investigation McCrate says she reported the officer to Vic PD in late June and I said he threatened me to post my stuff online he had my videos I said we’ve been having a relationship I you know I just told the wife McCrae

Claims when she brought this to Vic PD an officer told her it was a personal issue and not a criminal matter laughed at me he belittles me you retraumatization Bingham was suspended last week shortly after McCrate says she gave evidence to investigators and went public on Tik Tok it takes a lot of

Courage to stand up against you know a police officer but also the whole department who treated me poorly um and and I’m also hoping that it also empowers other women like me who have been victimized to stand up for themselves and share their stories there are currently no charges against the

Officer and the allegations against him have not been proven in court Anna McMillan CTV News Victoria

A woman who filed a complaint against a Victoria police officer alleges he threatened to leak explicit videos of her.

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