What to make from Colorado’s ruling on Donald Trump


So it’s the first time ever this Clause has been used to disqualify a presidential candidate it’s historic it has far-reaching consequences your reaction to the decision by Colorado Supreme Court look we knew that this was something that could potentially trip up Donald Trump in his efforts to retake

The White House and the reason for that is because a number of conservatives contextualists who actually believe in the Constitution and the way that it was written particularly the section three of for of the 14th amendment that was now used to invoke uh to remove Donald Trump from the ballot

Uh this has been something that at least 12 states have already begun the process of grappling with and what was so surprising is that they were there were two individuals from what What’s called the Federalist Society here in the United States a conservative jurist organization that actually believes that

Donald Trump is not qualified to be president because of his involvement in the January 6 Insurrection now even though Donald Trump has not been convicted of sedition or rebellion in fact we know that the the criminal cases that he is facing right now do not invoke sedition or Rebellion this was

Still an issue that was going to be weighed by state courts and we saw in this ruling by the Colorado Supreme Court they use Supreme Court Justice Neil gorsuch’s own words uh in their ruling and so now this is going to be something that the US Supreme Court is

Going to have to weigh in on and what it speaks to is how influential the Supreme Court will be perhaps in determining the outcome of the presidential election next year speaking of the Supreme Court as we were mentioning we know that Trump’s lawyers are set to appeal this

Where in the Supreme Court conservatives hold a 6 to3 majority well of course we can’t predict what the courts will do but Eric how long drawn of a process of a battle is this really going to be according to you well the courts could easily expedite this issue and because

The Colorado Supreme Court has already weighed in they have already made clear that in fact when they wrote their decision they wrote their decision expecting this to go to the Supreme Court to adjudicate this and so they stayed their ruling until the Supreme Court makes a final decision which means

In the state of Colorado while the the primary election is in March 5th and the ballot need to actually begin the process of being WR uh printed up by January 5th and so the hope is that the Supreme Court could rule on this by January 4th but the Supreme Court the

Colorado state supreme court makes clear that this that Trump’s name will be on the ballot until the Supreme Court weighs in even though they came down with this ruling okay now we know that Trump lost the state of Colorado by a wide margin last election but what

Bearing do you think this ruling could have in the other competitive States and on Trump’s campaign well the concern now is that this could be a cascading effect for a number of key Battleground states that Donald Trump is looking at because we know one of the states that is also

Weighing this issue is the state of New Hampshire and there is growing concern that uh New Hampshire is both a a Battleground state but also it’s a state that has importance in the early Prim in addition to that we know other Battleground States including Arizona are also states that are looking at this

Particular issue and so if you get enough key Battleground states that could keep Donald Trump off the ballot that could have a tremendous impact on his ability to win the White House in 2024 let me just talk to you about what’s happening in the Republican Camp because of course strong reactions have

Been coming in from Republicans some saying that they will withdraw from the States primary process and if that were to happen What will be the implications of that well if a number of candidates and we’ve already heard from V ramas Swami who has said that he will not be on the

Ballot in Colorado if in fact this is allowed to to stand right we haven’t heard from a number of other candidates who have said they’re willing to do the same thing but they all believe that this decision uh was the wrong decision by the Colorado Supreme Court but

Nevertheless it is Republicans that have actually been the Catalyst behind this move to invoke section three of the 14th Amendment uh to actually remove Donald Trump from the ballot so while we know Donald Trump has a number of challenges that he is facing and to try to retake

The White House we knew that this would be one of the issues uh that would confront him that a number of Republicans believe because of his impact or role surrounding January 6 he would he would he should not be eligible and so now candidates themselves in addition to Donald Trump are going to

Have to weigh what impact what role this will play in the primary if they’re going to stay on the ballots or if this is a a way for people like Nikki Haley to actually decide that this is a way to actually defeat Donald Trump with him

Not being on the ballot in many of these states well interesting and major developments they coming in from us politics CTV News political analyst Eric ham appreciate you breaking it all down Eric thank you thank you

CTV political analyst Eric Ham on what to make from Colorado’s ruling on Donald Trump.

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