Trudeau appoints Olympic medallist as one of 3 new senators – click to read more!

Olympic medallist among 3 new senators appointed by Trudeau

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Makes Groundbreaking Senate Appointments”

In a historic move, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has appointed three distinguished individuals to the Senate. The appointees include Marnie McBean, Toni Varone, and Paulette Senior, each bringing their unique expertise and experiences to the role.

Former Olympian, Marnie McBean, is no stranger to success, having won four Olympic medals as a rower, including three gold medals. Her passion for sports and dedication to excellence will undoubtedly serve her well in her new position.

Joining her is Toni Varone, a respected developer and director on the board of the Crown corporation Canada Lands Company. With her background in business and governance, Varone is poised to make valuable contributions to the Senate.

Paulette Senior, the former head of the YWCA of Canada, rounds out the trio of appointments. Her advocacy for gender equity and extensive philanthropic work make her a strong voice for social justice within the Senate.

Trudeau’s office made the announcement that these three individuals will fill vacant seats in the Senate for Ontario, marking a significant step towards greater diversity and representation in the Canadian government.

The Process of Senate Appointments

It’s important to note that independent senators are appointed by the Governor General on the recommendation of the prime minister after being selected by an advisory board. This process ensures that the individuals appointed to the Senate are capable, experienced, and able to bring diverse perspectives to the table.

In Conclusion

The appointment of Marnie McBean, Toni Varone, and Paulette Senior to the Senate highlights the government’s commitment to inclusion and diversity. Their collective expertise and dedication to making a difference in their respective fields will undoubtedly bring fresh insights and ideas to the Senate. This move not only reflects the changing face of Canadian leadership but also sets a precedent for future appointments based on merit and the potential for meaningful impact.



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