Thousands in Atlantic Canada still without power after storm


Crews in Atlantic Canada are cleaning up for the second day in a row racing to restore power for tens of thousands of people that are still in the dark a powerful storm tore through the region on Monday night causing widespread outages with no word of when power will

Be restored but officials are warning it could take days this is the second major storm in as many weeks to knockout power in Atlantic Canada for more on the restoration efforts we’re joined Now by Brett rusin in Halifax uh Brett what is the situation like there this morning

And do residents have any idea as to when their lights will be back on uh Travis folks in New Brunswick are going to be waiting today tomorrow and beyond for when their power might be restored there are outages throughout many parts of the province at the peak

Earlier today was around 50,000 or so residents without electricity so that’s uh homes or businesses as well waiting to have their power restored again the storm was back on Monday it knocked out power throat much of the maritimes we saw thousands of outages here as well in the Halifax region and across this

Province but New Brunswick was much harder hit about 100,000 customers without power yesterday that was down to 50 early today Crews have been working to try to make those Restorations but the estimates as we can see them as being reported by the power provider uh some of them are December 22nd some of

Them are December 23rd at 11: p.m. and some of them don’t even have an estimate as of yet for when power will be back on so the way that it looks right now and the estimates and the the comments that we’re hearing from officials is that it could be a Christmas without electricity

For many parts of New Brunswick Tris yeah that would not be good okay uh Brett Ruskin thank you for that update we’ll continue to check in Brett Ruskin in Halifax for us

Atlantic provinces are still cleaning up and dealing with the effects of a slow-moving storm that brought heavy wind and rain starting on Monday. Utilities say some customers may be spending Christmas without power. 

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