Survey: Canadian families losing sleep over increasing cost of living

Canadian parents having ‘sleepless nights’ amid rising cost of living: poll - National

“Canadian Parents Overwhelmed As Life Becomes More Unaffordable”

As we look towards the end of 2023, a new poll has shed light on the rising anxieties of Canadian parents about the challenges their children may face in the near future. The survey suggests growing fears about the affordability of life, citing housing crises and struggles to put food on the table as the main sources of concern.

An Ipsos poll conducted for the charity Save the Children, interviewed 1,000 Canadians between Dec. 8 and 13 to gauge their opinion on the “biggest danger/risk” to children in Canada. The poll revealed that 92 per cent of respondents are worried about the high cost of living and rising inflation, showing a seven per cent increase from last year.

The results demonstrate the economic strain, with 89 per cent of parents expressing fear for their children’s future due to the prevailing financial challenges. Sleepless nights and mounting worries, Save the Children stated, are shaping the outlook of Canadians for the coming year.

Economic Hardship Wreaking Havoc on the Optimism of Parents

The fears are deeply entrenched, with a separate Ipsos poll for Global News showing that nearly 80 per cent of Canadians feel that high interest rates and inflation are resulting in cuts to their holiday budgets. Consequently, many planned to trim down on gifts and reduce their travel plans for the season.

While inflation has shown signs of stabilizing at 3.1 per cent, and grocery prices have seen some respite, it appears that these measures have done little to alleviate anxieties about 2024. The stark reality of the affordability crisis has also affected the ability of Canadians to make charitable donations, with almost a third of those polled not being able to give back due to financial constraints.

Looking Beyond Borders

The concerns extend beyond domestic responsibilities and touch upon global anxieties. An overwhelming majority of Canadians, 88 per cent, believe that children around the world face a more uncertain future than they did, owing to challenges such as climate change, hunger, and war.

Likewise, worsening conflicts and wars are a top fear for 84 per cent of Canadians. In particular, eight out of 10 Canadians feel that Canada and other leading governments should hold parties accountable for grave violations of children’s rights amid the conflict between Israel and Hamas. Additionally, 84 per cent of Canadians expressed worries that the conflict could escalate more broadly in the region and indicated a desire to see immediate action for a ceasefire.

Father Time reveals as we inch closer to 2024, it is paramount that we come forward with real solutions that can benefit all Canadians. So many Canadian parents’ futures, as the Ipsos poll suggests, worry about unforgiving economic times, and that will certainly impact their children- the nation’s future. Our children are the world’s future generation, let’s make 2024 about nurturing resilience.
So, next year, let’s come together with innovative and impactful solutions that can help lessen the burden on Canadian families. The hard times of 2023 demand that we pave the way for a brighter and more carefree future for our children. Let’s not fail them.



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