Steven Guilbeault refuses to admit CO2 emissions for the third time


So today’s announcement Builds on past success I’m very happy to announce to release of even more ambitious draft methane regulations for Canada’s oil and gas sector consistent with the International Energy agency’s recommendation we’re now aiming for at least 75% reduction for the oil and gas sector by 2030 in

Canada Steven Gilbo refuses to admit his CO2 emissions for the third time environment minister Steven Gilbo has dodged two previous order paper inquiries requiring his ministry to divulge the carbon emissions for his travels on government business one of the most important thing we can do to fight climate change in the short term

Is focus on coal and focus on metin that’s exactly what we’re doing and so when you visited Beijing last August did you criticize the Chinese government for their ramping up of coal production and and burning burning coal we have a a work plan with with the Chinese

Government to work with them so that we can help them reduce their dependency on coal that’s what we’re doing but but did you criticize them or did you encourage them to to build more I mean uh 82 new coal burning plants last year and and 50

For the first half of this year is is a lot of new coal being burned in China given your role on the uh on the ccic CD um have you played any role in trying to trying to reduce those numbers yes absolutely we’re one of the world’s leading advocate for the reduction of

Cold fired electricity now this inquiry of the environment Minister’s carbon footprint was posed by conservative MP Gerard deltel who asked for the details of the avowed Socialist environmentalist Steven Gilbo carbon intensive career including why certain flights were chosen as opposed to more green public transportation options or virtual

Meeting attendance um I’m I’m a liberal and a proud socialist Mr Speaker but this one reminds me of a certain quote from prime minister Harper who talked about the fight against climate change as a socialist plot that’s what the conservative party and here it is you

Have it again Mr Speaker they do not believe that climate change is an issue now according to the response TBL in the House of Commons by the environment Ministry the department does not track carbon emission data look at this the information requested is not systemically tracked in a centralized

Database a manual collection of information is required unfortunately the department is unable to produce a comprehensive response within the allotted time the fact of the matter is Mr Speaker Canadians are afraid of climate change they’re afraid of the extreme weather events they’re afraid of the concerns we have about a brighter

Future and what we are doing is fighting climate change every day while we build a stronger economy with greater careers while we support Canadians every single day the NDP Trudeau carbon tax on the farmer who grows the food and the trucker who ships the food is a tax on

All who buy the food now they want to quadruple the tax I’m Pier PV I’ll ask the tax so you pay less and bring home more now this is the third time the environment Ministry admitted to not actually caring about internal carbon expenditures while imposing a carbon tax

Which is one of the leading contributors to Canada’s inflationary crisis because the carbon tax is going up right over time so one one question question is how much are the increases in the carbon tax adding to inflation each year and that number is about .15 percentage points uh

Of inflation now in November when conservative MP Earl drean asked the ministry for the carbon emissions data from environment and climate change relating to $700,000 in ministerial travel in 2022 the department could not provide the data previous to that non-answer a prior order paper question from deltel just weeks earlier forced gilo’s Ministry

Along with several others including Transportation Canada to admit a failure to track carbon emissions from the Department’s airline travel at the latest United Nations climate change Conference held in the United Arab Emirates in early December Gilbo took to the world stage to announce a cap on oiling gas emissions here in Canada we

Are concerned but we are also hopeful we know the window is closing and our time to act is now we cannot let this moment slip away and we cannot afford to backtrack on our commitments he should cap his first once he figures out whatever they are to sign the petition against the hypocritical

Attempts to control your life through climate policies go to no green for Rebel news I’m Sheila gun Reed these highflying Hypocrites want to curb your behavior while doing whatever they like on the taxpayer dime to sign a petition against their plans to reset your life go to no green

| This is the third time the Environment Ministry has admitted to not caring about internal carbon expenditures while imposing a carbon tax, which is one of the leading contributors to Canada’s inflationary crisis.
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  1. CO2 is essential for life. Photosynthesis is the process by which plants use sunlight, water, and Carbon Dioxide to create Oxygen and Energy in the form of Sugar. Obviously most of our politicians world wide have never heard of Photosynthesis. What has happened to our education system? This was basic Grade 6 or 7 course material. COP28 is a Joke. We are being lied to by UN, WEF, WHO,,etc.

  2. Are there NO rules in place that disallows anyone from holding office after having been arrested for an offence? If not I suggest parliament hold a vote banning any further politicians from being voted into office if they have a record, and that they be removed from office should they be charged with an offence after obtaining office.

  3. Only carbon that needs removing is that of the Woke climate fascist, after all confucius says "if you are being sold out make sure they can't spend their ill gotten gains"

  4. The coal Chinese plants are much cleaner than the european counterparts.
    What are you doing ?
    CO2 "excess" is a scam to justify #carbontax .

    I thought you were informed "rebels" ?
    Define better your "climate change hoax" position.
    It became VERY confusing. Are you mainstream or on the right scientifical side ?


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