Say Hello to Slush Puppie Place – Kingston at the Kingston Arena

Kingston arena to officially become Slush Puppie Place - Kingston

“The Startling Reveal of Kingston’s New Downtown Arena Name”

Kingston’s downtown area is undergoing a significant change that will surely spark some intense discussions in the future – the arena, which is currently known as Leon’s Centre, will undergo a transformation, with Slush Puppie Canada winning the naming rights. Now you know it is set to be called the Slush Puppie Place at the start of the new year. However, with a change so significant for the city, the question beckons whether this is the right move.

New Name, New Beginnings

The decision made by Kingston city councillors to approve Slush Puppie Canada’s naming rights bid for the arena indicates the dawning of a new era that has ruffled some feathers. It’s indeed a momentous move given the significance of the arena to the local community and the region.

Understandably, Kingston’s residents may be divided, some welcoming the rejuvenation of the downtown area and the perks that come with such bold moves, while others may argue that commercializing such a prominent venue may detract from its original local focus. However, as with any scenario, perspectives are unique and depend on individual values and community expectations.

The Road Ahead

With the decision finalized, the city of Kingston and the Kingston Frontenacs are moving forward with the transition, emphasizing the excitement about working alongside Slush Puppie. The multi-year contract guarantees a considerable financial boost for the city, as well as a new era in the building’s history. As Kingston’s downtown arena opened in 2008, locals have associated it with Leon’s Centre for over a decade. Now, it’s time to prepare for its transformation to Slush Puppie Place and the changes that come with it.

When Change Is Controversial

While the decision has been made, the controversy surrounding the change of the arena name is far from over. As with most narratives, the debate is expected to continue, with contrasting views about the direction the city and its downtown region should pursue.

As Kingston embraces the dawning of Slush Puppie Place, there’s an opportunity to learn from this situation and engage in thoughtful discussions on the balance between tradition, identity, and commercialization in the local area. Whether you’re in favor or against the change, learning to appreciate a variety of perspectives can contribute to a more enriched and considerate community. After all, progress often involves navigating through diverse viewpoints and coming together to form a new, collective identity and direction. What’s your perspective?

As the city moves forward, deciding how this change will shape the community for better or for worse, it’s crucial to remember that every step towards progress is often met with a certain amount of conflict and hesitance. But, in such moments, there’s the opportunity to unite, sharing different viewpoints, and inevitably, strengthening the community that makes Kingston what it is. Indeed, the eventual name on the arena might be Slush Puppie Place, but what unifies the community is their collective love for the city and its symbolically significant landmarks.



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