Retired RCMP Musical Ride horses can now go to private homes


So this is a new and exciting uh piece for us and I say it’s exciting because it’s the best interest of the horse and this is what our main focus is from the time these horses are born until the time we retire them the the interest and

The best interest of the horse is always a priority so we now have an opportunity uh in 2022 the treasury board changed its uh policies on material management and we can now divest horses to the Canadian public so essentially we can give away the horse to a member of the

Canadian public yeah so their time has uh come to an end where they’re the best um purpose for them now is to find them a good home where they can just live a life uh completely retired on greener pastures um where they can become companion horses so this is a

Working stable it’s a very struct structured very busy environment although they’re given uh excellent care and excellent priority I think uh it would almost be full circle now that these horses that have represented Canada so well can now become can can be in the hands of Canadians and I think

That’s kind of a special full full circle thing for these horses first and foremost they’re bred to be musical ride horses which is you know to perform across Canada North America and even Europe when the uh chances uh occur but when they retire from the Musical Ride

Horse then they become School Masters so we use the horses to train our new Riders who are trying out for the Musical Ride we also train International and national law enforcement and military personnel in advanced equitation and then we have a program with the Canadian Armed Forces through

Soldier on where soldiers who can come can come here who have occupational stress injuries and they can spend a week with our horses certainly I think it’s always special when a horse can take a rider who’s never ridden before and they can be the beginning of their Journey with the

Musical ride so Alaska has certainly been that horse Alaska has been there for many many members that have come through these doors many members for the first time they ever sat on a horse was on a horse like Alaska so it’s special that that horse had the opportunity to

Help train all of our new Riders he’s a wonderful wonderful horse meets all the criteria that we would be looking for as far as temperament and and such but he’s just no longer able to uh be ridden here so we’re looking for a good home for him

It’s fantastic that we’ve had so much interest um in fact I be honest it overwhelmed us a bit we didn’t expect to see that much interest but it’s very positive this means the likelihood of finding the perfect home for Alaska or any other horse that comes up is very

Very good but we had to kind of put a temporary pause on it to make sure we can get our head wrapped around the applicants that we have and in there we’re hoping that we’ve got the perfect home for a horse like Alaska oh I’m very

Sad to see him go but what gives me Comfort is knowing that they’re going to go to good homes we’re going to do our uh due diligence to ensure that they go to the right home that we find the right match so certainly I’ll be sad to see

Them go they’ve served the RCMP in Canada well but now it’s all about the horse and and if it’s all about the horse it’s about finding them the best home

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police can now donate horses from its Musical Ride program to members of the public. RCMP riding master Sgt. Maj. Scott Williamson says more than 1,000 applications were received in just 24 hours for Alaska, the only horse currently looking for a new home.

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