Remembering the influential individuals we lost in 2023

From left, Gordon Lightfoot, Rosalynn Carter, Matthew Perry and Sinead O'Connor are seen in a composite image. The world said goodbye to many influential people this year. Here's a look at who died in 2023. (Photos in this composite via AP)

“From an ex-con and hot dog vendor to a formidable mercenary army leader who gained lucrative Kremlin contracts, Yevgeny Prigozhin’s life was full of twists and turns. However, his sudden death in a plane crash over Russia marked the end of his eventful year. Prigozhin’s Wagner Group troops achieved a rare victory in Ukraine but later faced internal friction with Russian military leaders and even mounted an armed rebellion against Vladimir Putin’s rule. His death was just one of many notable losses in 2023.

Prominent political figures, entertainers, athletes, and musicians also made the world bid farewell this year. From former U.S. first lady Rosalynn Carter to singer Tina Turner to astronaut Walter Cunningham, the world lost many influential and beloved personalities. Their legacies continue to inspire and impact future generations.

Here’s a roll call of influential figures who left the world in 2023.”

The year started with the loss of numerous influential personalities. From Fred White, a drummer of Earth, Wind & Fire fame, to Gina Lollobrigida, the Italian film legend, the world mourned their passing.

In February, notable individuals like Burt Bacharach, the popular composer, and Hugh Hudson, the British filmmaker who directed “Chariots of Fire,” were among those who left an indelible mark.

This list of noteworthy figures who died in 2023 continues, underscoring the impact of their contributions to various fields.

The passing of these individuals serves as a reminder of their enduring legacies and contributions to the realms of politics, culture, and art. Their influence persists, and their absence is deeply felt. As we reflect on their lives, we continue to honor and remember their remarkable achievements and enduring impact.”



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