Recent days witness a ‘tonal shift’ in India-Canada relations, says Trudeau | World News

India’s ties with Canada may have undergone ‘a tonal shift’ in recent days: Trudeau | World News

“Has the relationship between India and Canada taken a turn for the worse? According to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, there may be a ‘tonal shift’ following the indictment of an Indian national in the US for plotting an assassination attempt on a Sikh separatist on American soil. Trudeau spoke about this in a candid interview with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.”

Trudeau’s Beliefs

Trudeau remarked, “I think there is a beginning of an understanding that they can’t bluster their way through this and there is an openness to collaborating in a way that perhaps they were less open before.” He stated that the US indictment has influenced the Indian government’s attitude, leading them to adopt a more mature tone. He also emphasized the importance of standing up for human rights and the rule of law.

Tensions Rising

The ties between India and Canada have deteriorated since September 18, when Trudeau accused Indian agents of being involved in the murder of Khalistani separatist Hardeep Singh Nijjar. India promptly dismissed Trudeau’s allegations as baseless and, influenced. The US federal prosecutors charged an individual named Nikhil Gupta with working alongside an Indian government employee to plot the death of a Sikh separatist.

India’s Response

India responded by initiating a probe into the matter, while External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar confirmed that Canada did not share any specific evidence or inputs with India. As a result of the worsening relations, India temporarily suspended the issuance of visas to Canadian citizens and requested Ottawa to downsize its diplomatic presence in the country.

A New Chapter

“We don’t want to be in a situation of having a fight with India right now over this,” Trudeau stated. “We want to be working on that trade deal. We want to be advancing the Indo-Pacific strategy. But it is foundational for Canada to stand up for people’s rights, for people’s safety, and for the rule of law. And that’s what we’re going to do.”

Canada and India must work together to address the challenges they face and resolve their differences. The future of their relationship depends on how they navigate this current conflict. There is an opportunity for cooperation and collaboration, and it is in the best interest of both nations to find common ground. Regardless of the outcome, this situation serves as a reminder of the need for diplomacy and understanding in international relations.”



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