Rabid ‘trans activist’ Jessica Simpson threatens to harm female Rebel News reporter


On Monday December 18th I went to criminal court at the Sur Provincial Courthouse which almost always means I was there to bring you an update on the NeverEnding legal Saga that is Jessica Simpson formerly known as Jonathan Yaniv except something took place that should never happen to any journalist I became

A part of the story and also the latest victim of this rabbit trans activist and criminology student at SFU who goes by Jessica Simpson this is what happened go away go go hey Sheriff this guy’s up for assault why are you protecting this reporter do you know what off means

I I’ll I’ll get him the bite you I’ll get him to bite you threaten me Drea Humphrey here with Rebel news and that was me almost getting bulldozed by Jessica Serenity Simpson and its so-called new service dog named Rexy now in my next report I’m going to go into

More detail about why I say soall service dog and the outcome of Simpson’s latest criminal case which involves the dog a case for which I had gone to cover for you on Monday but as I said in the beginning of this report this report is about the events that unfolded just

Before what you just saw happen the charging and threatening of me out front of the court house while a sheriff did absolutely nothing those of you who have followed our extensive coverage of Jessica Simpson on our website called yiv.com lock that in the brain are probably more familiar with Simpson by

Their former name Jonathan Yaniv or even by their coined name the wax my balls guy because Simpson has a history of suing immigrant women who were beauticians or sorry estheticians because they were uncomfortable waxing her male genitalia now Simpson also has a violent history one I can’t touch on everything

In one report but that violent history includes threatening attacking and assaulting Rebel news reporters and I don’t know why perhaps it has something to do with us not backing down like stateb media from exposing the long leniency streak this individual has in the courts this same individual who

Often rise and says that they are victim of transphobia in those courts take a look at the time that Simpson attacked my colleague David meny with a bright pink cane because he dared to question Simpson about sexually explicit messages that were sent to minor girls you’re not going to go close to

Her get out get away get away you better not you better not you make contact you’re going to go to jail going today I know don’t touch me you’re going today Jonathan why do you take why do you send sexually explicit messages to young

Girls go away you today go away my I go away go away you go away get off the proper okay that’s four shots go go excuse me get off look go there’s got lots of eyewitnesses I don’t care go away go away you are a provoker I’m a

Hey hey get away from that’s okay please I’m really hoping for now here’s Simpson attacking my former colleague Kian bexy right in front of the same Courthouse while bexy was covering then Yan’s hearing for brandishing a prohibited weapon on the popular transgender commentators YouTube channel her name is Blair

White youi will you will you be pleading guilty what no don’t touch me don’t touch me hey hey stop go away from me go hell go away from me Jesus get away from me crazy get away from me get away get the away from me Simpson has s been found guilty for

Assaulting bexy and then pled guilty to possessing a prohibited weapon and also plad guilty to uttering threats of bodily harm and death to Child Protection activists billboard Chris get shot I will kill you you’re going to send another bomb TR to my phone I’m watching you get away from my

Car get away from my car what do you not understand you get away from my car you want to call another bomb it in yeah here we go get away you want to get punched don’t you go away go away from my car now tell me when was

The last time you heard of someone assaulting a journalist brandishing a prohibited weapon sending sexually explicit messages to Miners and threatening to kill someone and never seeing a day behind bars in fact it wasn’t even until Simpson’s third criminal conviction that the courts even decided to give Simpson a criminal

Record instead they just kept giving Simpson probation with no record and expecting Simpson to somehow all sudden behave which of course didn’t happen now you’ll have to let me know why you think this delicate flower is getting such favor in the courts by letting me know

In the comments but what led up to the moment Simpson threatened to sick that so-called service dog Rexy on me while I was asking questions well Simpson was facing three charges all connected to the chocolate labs unruly Behavior who is unfortunately owned by a unruly Master while visiting a retirement home

Of Simpson’s mother who also has a violent streak including the time she almost took off my other colleague Sheila gun Reed’s head like you can’t make this okay keep your hands off me but anyways this dog was running around this retirement home and after repeated attempts to try to get Simpson

To contain the dog control the dog and that not happening an elderly man named Gerald Funk who’s 70 years old pushed the dog off of a chair and that push was met with Simpson full force coming at the elderly man pushing that elderly man with full force like I said now that

Whole incident resulted in three different charges one was a alleged assault for Mr Funk and the other was a pulling a fire alarm believe it or not after Simpson had called the police Simpson also lied so there was a charge connected to that lied and said that it

Was the elderly man who assault assed Simpson but before the judge made his decision court took a break at lunchtime and I was waiting outside front of the courthouse with my bodyguards by my side for Simpson to come out so I could ask two simple questions one is Rexy truly a

Service dog and two does Simpson have anything to say to the elderly man named Gerald Funk or his probably concerned relatives now before Simpson exited those front doors Simpson abruptly changed Direction and went and was talking to sheriffs due to history of Simpson having discussions with sheriffs at this courthouse and making falsehoods

About Rebel news reporters I figured it might have something to do with myself but it turns out the falsehoods or alleged falsehoods may have been or were tied to a woman named Carrie Simpson no relation who was ATT ending the case Simpson is legal Advocate and the founder of a parental rights

Organization called culture guard and she helped both billboard Chris and an autistic independent journalist who’s also been threatened by Simpson before in the past according to a lady attending court with Mr Funk this is what she overheard Simpson saying inside of the courthouse I just want to know

Who is yive calling the police on just Carrie I believe I believe this is Carrie I’m assuming that’s who it is yeah he she just said that she’s calling the police on you because you’re going to assault her so are you going to assault are you going to assault simps

Well apparently I have a long history of going to going to according to Yan but no that’s not my intention nor nor desire in any way shape or form so we waited and waited and eventually waited until we saw two officers enter to answer the call after a while I went

Myself to see what was going on and it appeared that the sheriff’s at the courthouse may be giving Simpson some favoritism maybe they believe that Simpson was in fact in Risk so it looked as though Simpson was going to come out of back door so I exited again and was

Waiting in a way where I could see the back door and see the front door just in case to try to find out what exit had happened and eventually I saw that Simpson was coming out of the front door and that’s when I ran forward to ask the following Jessica

Jessica is your do is just a question this is Press thank you very much is your dog a real service dog or just identifying go away go away from me go back off go go do you have anything to say to Mr funk’s family go back off go

Back off you know what off means control your dog don’t threaten me do you think he’ll get a consequence for being so aggressive this time Sheriff I want your badge number I know it but I want you to show it that you allow this woman to be merely assaulted being that

Close to the Rage of Jessica Serenity Simpson is not something I want to do although it’s important we cover these cases because again this violent reoffender right outside of the courthouse is charging at a reporter very similar to when he pummeled my former colleague Kean bexy right in

Front of this Courthouse but continues to get slaps on the wrists one after another now I’m going to go inside and and definitely do a police report on that threatening me uh for to sick a so-called service dog on me is not okay and uh you know I’m quite ashamed with

The sheriff as well who didn’t try to intervene at all I don’t know what that is some of you might be asking well Drea were were your bodyguards they are here they’re they’re by me right now but what had happened was because um Simpson was allegedly making a police report and

Officers did come to attend inside we thought that Simpson was going to be assisted through a side door so we were actually around this corner my security was helping be my eyes and ears in the situation watching that door and then under of the other corner of my eye I

Saw uh culture guards Carrie Simpson who you saw at the beginning of this report she said oh coming out this way and so I yelled for my security and took off it it all happened so fast this is a highly unpredictable individual and I had to

Ask some questions for you guys for the Press so I don’t know where this is going to go but if you do want to contribute to our safety and to our coverage that is exposing just what happens when you cry and say that you are a victim of trans phobia what can

Happen over and over what you can get away with uh please go to Yaniv trial.com you can contribute to our security costs and you can also contribute to exposing this continued story now that could have gone down a whole lot differently I had no idea how this dog under Simpson’s rule would

Handle such a command to hurt me and I already knew how dangerous Simpson is and the Vengeance Simpson has for Rebel news reporter perhaps the most shameful thing is that the reasonable expectation I had of some form of protection from the courthouse Sheriff was like vapor in the wind just another disappointment

Surrounding how those who are supposed to keep the peace and the public safe are bending down to this individual who repeatedly actually is a risk to people in the public but I do know one thing even though I was afraid at that moment I was not afraid to f a police report

And I’m certainly not afraid to press charges against this bully if you try to threaten us assault us or intimidate us out of fulfilling our promise to the public to report on the other side of the story fearlessly the stories that stateb media ignores you will fail

Because this is Rebel news and I’m Drea Humphrey if you appreciate that despite this individual continuously being a threat to us we don’t back down from bringing you the other side of the story that sheds light on court leniency for a mysterious reason that I’m sure you

Could figure out or assume on your own then go to yiv trial.com we’ve incurred many security costs over the years of covering this individual and clearly we need to keep that up we’ve also had to pay to defend ourselves from a bogus lawsuit that thankfully was eventually dropped from this individual and of

Course there’s all the other costs involved in just doing regular reports like the ones you’re seeing right now so again please go to yive trial.com if you see value in our journalism and also to catch up more on this individual who doesn’t seem to want to be exposed

| While covering the hearing of the three criminal offences allegedly committed by Jessica Serenity Simpson (formerly Jonathan Yaniv), Simpson charged at Rebel News reporter Drea Humphrey with a service dog, and threatened to make the dog attack her.

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  1. Probably because they simply don't want the nightmare of having to decide which prison they go into; male or female. So one should be specially built imo. The sheriff not doing anything shows a serious weakness and not fit for purpose job citizens should not be paying for


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