Quebec public sector unions threaten unlimited strike


Here at home there are concerns that public schools in Quebec could be closed to start 2024 talks have broken down between the province and the multi-union Coalition known as the common front and time is running out to avoid an unlimited strike marann Dain is on this

Story for us so marann what do we know right now about the state of talks between Quebec and this Coalition of unions well we know Travis that the negotiations continue and at this point the common frund saying they’re hopeful that a deal will be reached before the

New year that is just uh days away from now and if not we’re going to see this unlimited strike that essentially means a strike without a set end date and the effects of this would be far-reaching the common front as Travis mentioned a coalition of four labor unions including

Healthcare workers in different sectors as well as teachers specifically 95,000 teachers so if this unlimited strike takes place in the new year it would mean for kids coming out of the holiday break no school for them in public schools indefinitely now there are many key is issues on the table right now

That are really at the Forefront of these negotiations that includes wages working conditions as well as skilled workers also other demands that includes guaranteed inflation protection as well as a catch-up wage hike but at this point no real sense of exactly what figure that would involve either way the

Labor uh rather the common front uh spokesperson for these labor unions has issued a statement and this is what it says in part take a look it says if no deal is reached before the end of the year the front common will rapidly launch an unlimited general strike at

The most appropriate moment in early 2024 they’re saying Travis they want to make sure that there is a lot of impact saying the strike will include every sector and will take place throughout Quebec the date will be chosen to ensure as I mentioned that Maximum Impact they

Said that this uh strike if it does happen and if a deal isn’t reach and they launch this unlimited strike they will not go back to work unless a deal is reached or if they’re forced back at this point Quebec saying they don’t plan to use back to work legis

Okay that’s not the only labor dispute going on right now uh let’s talk about this other teacher strike that has been going on for almost uh just over a month yes a lot of uh job action taking place in Quebec right now especially with the FAE teachers union that is a union that

Is uh representing more than 60,000 employees also impacting close to 400,000 students this particular strike also an unlimited strike with no set date that’s been happening since November 23rd it is also impacting exams we know that Quebec’s ministerial exams were supposed to take place starting January 9th those have now been

Cancelled they’ve been delayed but uh no date for when those will resume has been released either way it is quite A disruption for those in these affected schools mostly Travis uh French schools and so the fact that we are now talking about not only this unlimited strike but

Also the one that may be happening in the new year with the common front coalition of unions it’s going to be quite an interesting start to 2024 potentially that is one way to put it lots of uncertainty indeed uh Maryann thanks for this update appreciate it

A coalition of Quebec public sector unions, known as the Front commun in French, has threatened an unlimited strike in the new year if a deal isn’t reached in the coming days.

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