Power outage continues across Maritimes provinces following intense, unique winter storm


At its height there were 173,000 people without power in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia winds and rain lashed both provinces toppling trees causing significant damage to power lines and infrastructure but the storm the second such major weather event in a week was brought on by a high pressure system with record setting high

Temperatures for December 19th in New Brunswick these storms aren’t out of the ordinary in the maritimes but typically would come with snow at this time of year says this environment Canada meteorologist we could be on the snowy side of it but these last two we’ve been

On the winter side as you know like we got the rain here but there was snow uh through Quebec with the same system she says it might have felt more impactful to people because there were too significant storms back to back when typically the region would see about one

A month in Halifax there were 12 hours of sustained winds topping out at 96 km per hour according to Nova Scotia Power the utility says wind gusts are getting stronger and longer over time in New Brunswick a similar picture but with Peaks between 93 km an hour

And4 NV power CEO Lori Clark says these were some of the strongest winds the utility has seen in recent years but it says vegetation and tree maintenance the root cause of much of the power outages is a priority having increased that budget this year Clark says crews are

Working around the clock to restore power before Christmas I know being without power is very difficult for our customers especially as we approach the holidays I also know that uncertainty about when the power will be restored create stress for some customers nearly 700 resources are on the ground in New

Brunswick while in Nova Scotia it’s expected most customers will be restored by Thursday Natalie sturon Global News

Crews across Canada’s Maritimes provinces are still working to restore power to thousands of customers following a damaging wind and rainstorm that started on Monday.

With the holidays rapidly approaching and the uncertainty of when the outage will end, residents across New Brunswick and Nova Scotia have been left dealing with intense stress.

And with temperatures soaring to record highs and winds knocking over trees, experts say it was a unique storm for a December in Canada.

Global’s Nathalie Sturgeon has the latest.

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  1. Oh dear…I just found out that the maritime have not been paying carbon taxes until this past July while the rest of the country minus Quebec has been paying these taxes since first introduced!…MAYBE THATS WHATS WRONG …THE MARITIMES NEED TO PAY MORE CARBON TAXES AND THEN THEIR WEATHER WILL GET BETTER …JUST ASK TRUDEAU!

  2. Bloody hell! A winter storm! This never would have happened if we weren't in the era of the Global Boiling catastrophe!
    Please people, stop being Climate Deniers with unacceptable views… do your part, cancel your winter vacations, stay home and help flatten the curve of Global Boiling.

  3. Trudopes heat pumps love power outages laughed the propane furnace and natural gas furnace running off little generators run by the same energy source and the oil furnace run by the little suitcase generator. ??

  4. Anyone notice how global news turns comments off when it post articles about politics ?? almost as if they no what’s coming . Anyways don’t listen to global or cbc . Both government funded propaganda tools


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