Police in Peterborough recover stolen baby formula from Port Hope, Ont. pharmacy

Cases of baby formula recovered after theft at Port Hope, Ont. pharmacy: police - Peterborough

“Baby Formula Thieves Busted; Here’s What Happened

Could there be anything lower than stealing baby formula? It may seem hard to believe, but this is exactly what happened at a pharmacy in Port Hope, Ontario, just last week.

Shoppers Drug Mart Theft

The Port Hope Police Service announced that they were investigating a theft at a Shoppers Drug Mart located on Jocelyn Street, which took place on December 12th. According to police, a girl and two males arrived in a black Ford Explorer and entered the store. One of the males soon exited the store with two unpaid cases of Enfamil A plus Premium Baby Formula. Shortly afterwards, the female emerged from the store, pulling a shopping cart filled with unpaid merchandise. Although a male suspect was later seen by police leaving the area on foot, the suspect vehicle was found near a Tim Hortons on Toronto Road. In the vehicle, they located several cases of baby formula. The female youth was taken into custody, but police did not disclose if any charges were made.


It’s unclear what the motivation behind these thefts was, but it’s an unsettling reminder of the desperation some people experience. Is it a reflection of larger issues, or simply an isolated incident of theft? Nonetheless, let’s hope those who are responsible are brought to justice and that the stolen baby formula is returned to the store for those who need it most.”



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