Pen pals bonded by tragedy meet virtually after 60 years


It’s nice to see you in person yes it certainly is after so many years after 60 years Lois Clark and Barbara Gentry finally reconnected face to face only virtually in November of 1962 Lois Clark’s 7-year-old son David was diagnosed with leukemia and was taken to sick kids hospital one of the

Nurses who cared for David was Barbara who went to nursing school in Aurelia and was only 18 when she started her placement at sit kids since then Lois and Barbara have sent letters to one another every year around Christmas time oh it’s been wonderful because I she’s a

Special person to me she always has been she sent me a letter after David passed away saying how sorry she was and that if she had had a little brother she would have wanted him to be like David somehow they followed me all over the world and she has sent me a Christmas

Card without fail and a letter every year since the two would send life updates as well as photos she would just uh keep in touch and let me know what she was doing in her life and I just more or less sent a few little things

About our life you know and our family and that and we just seem to keep in touch that way I always look forward every year to getting the card Barbara says the clerks are family she never forget well I just just the whole story I never forgot and I’ve often told

Friends about the lady that still write sends me a card Lois and Barbara say they will keep in touch for years to come and will continue to send updates on each other’s lives Molly rer CTV News male

Six decades ago, a young boy passed away at SickKids in Toronto, and despite the passage of time, one nurse’s profound impact on the grieving family endures, with the two parties continuing to exchange Christmas cards to this day.

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