Man dead, 6 in hospital after accidental carbon monoxide poisoning at Ontario home


Evening a tragedy in Kitchener today one man is dead six others are in hospital with what police are calling an accidental carbon monoxide poisoning police fire and paramedics all called to Activa Avenue this morning neighbors describing numerous people being taken out on stretchers ctv’s Jeff pickle joins us live now from Activa Avenue

Tonight so Jeff what do we know about what happened there today well Alex please tell us the carbon monoxide poisoning was accidental and it was the result of a car that had been left running in a garage now we spoke with a number of neighbors uh in

This community who saw some of these traumatic events play out in front of us and they tell us that many of the people living in that home are new to Canada some studying some working we also spoke with the people living in the other side of the duplex that was affected they are

Also new to Canada and they tell us more needs to be done to teach new Canadians about emergency procedures images of a chaotic and scary morning on Activa Avenue one person a 25-year-old Man is dead after carbon monoxide filled a home in kitner six others taken a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries I’m not

Really sure what happened but I kind of St people being put on stretches and being Carried Away by the ambulance around 7:30 this morning police fire and ambulance called to the scene neighbors describe paramedics attempting life-saving measures Al they were just pumping they trying to get the breath in but the boys

One boy is so like in very dangerous condition please say this was an accidental poisoning caused by a car left running in the garage narv devoni and caval live in the unit attached to the victim’s home yeah we were very next story up according to caval they were

Woken early this morning by alarms in their own home like we checked our all electrical appliances like furnace and all but everything was fine but still alarm was not starting off so we just open our doors and windows just to do the thing ventilated they tell us their neighbors are international students or

In Canada on work permits they say it’s difficult and scary to see their neighbors lose a friend and roommate being an international student this is really difficult situation for us we are we can’t even imagine what we what we faced this morning they say many newcomers to Canada are not familiar

With the emergency system here and our worried and alarm could come with a fine whenever we got the alarm we are just trying to close the alarm because we are afraid of the like uh like uh police will came and interview us so many many a times we face that problem they say

More needs to be done to inform newcomers about the basics of fire safety let us let let your tenants know how the system works what to do in this emergency kind of situation likewise we were also not aware like what is carbon monoxide how it how it is dangerous they

Believe it’s possible with more information a life could have been saved yeah we should create an awareness regarding this because if we could have come outside the fire brigad has come early and they would have the life had been saved so a very sad situation here and

Still a number of number of unanswered questions we did reach out to Kitchener fire to hopefully get some of those questions answered but no one would was made available to speak with us uh we don’t know if there was an active carbon monoxide alarm in the home we also don’t

Know the details about that car that was left in the garage how long it had been running and where the people were in the home and where the person was who eventually passed from their injuries we do hope to learn uh more information about this uh but at this point in time

This is certainly uh what we know Alex all right Jeff pickle reporting live from attiva Avenue and Kitchener tonight thank you for that Jeff

Police say a 25-year-old man is dead from an accidental carbon monoxide poisoning caused by a car left running in the garage of a Kitchener, Ontario home.

Six other people who were also in the home were transported to hospital. Neighbours say many of the residents were international students or otherwise new to Canada.

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