Kensington Market community says Toronto isn’t doing enough to stop illegal short-term rentals


When a building in Kensington Market appeared to keep hosting short-term rental units with seemingly no consequences a local community group realized it had to get creative ctv’s John Woodward explains what you’re looking at is a last resort a community group trying to blow the whistle on what they believed

Was an illegally operating short-term rental in the heart of Toronto’s eclectic Kensington Market and it was impossible to get this thing reported Zack Bradley of the Kensington Market Community Land Trust found this listing on the website book offering stays for just a few nights with no Toronto City License there’s a desperate

Need for housing there’s a need for longterm housing and so it’s very frustrating Bradley complained and yet the listing remained up and uh finally came to the realization that you know we need to prove that it’s an actual short-term rental so he booked it for one night and went inside with CTV News

All right what do we got this is definitely a short-term hotel at least some other tenants there for short-term stays too and how long are you guys here for Just 2 weeks we took the case to the city they investigated and found the operator rented the suite for more than

180 nights a year and revoked their license the city says it’s received five short-term rental applications for units at the building three denied one revoked and one cancelled Suites in the building appeared to be listed on other websites including and Expedia told us the operator got

Around their screens by calling itself a hotel not a home when we called the listing company the bay suits they offered even more ways to book we will help you by making a manual reservation from but no comment and their website still advertises 18 listings throughout Southern Ontario the city is

Re-evaluating its short-term rental bylaws we’ve got a long way to go when it comes to our enforcement on on some of these short-term rental files if the city indeed has not enough resources to put boots on the ground they should make a make make use of the federal uh shal

Enforcement fund um to do exactly that 100% the city should be out here doing this Bradley says the city should consider booking sweets itself to get proof so Community groups don’t have to John Woodward CTV News

Frustrated about the lack of enforcement of illegal short-term rental units operating in Toronto’s Kensington Market, a community group is taking matters into their own hands.

The suite had rankled community members because several long-term residents had been evicted to make way for the units.

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