Israel-Hamas: Humanitarian pause talks stall as Gaza crisis deepens


Moments after multiple strikes hit Rafa the search for survivors began this collapsed building was said to be home to many families including those who had fled to the South as directed by Israel all of a sudden the first rocket landed says this man destroying everything his family managed to escape

Taking with them this little girl she was born 3 days ago the air strike near the Kuwait Hospital were captured by an Al jazer news crew during a live report oh my god did you hear that yes yes oh my God that’s the hospital that’s the hospital in the last week during visits

By high ranking Americans there was talk about Israel lowering the intensity of its campaign and using more precise strikes to protect civilians Fierce fire is how Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described his nation’s operations in Gaza telling Hamas fighters to surrender or die we are continuing the war to the end

It will continue until Hamas is eliminated until Victory whoever thinks that we will stop is detached from reality The American Secretary of State called the images coming out of Gaza gut-wrenching we hear many countries urging the end to uh this conflict which we would all like to see I hear virtually

No one saying demanding of Hamas that it stop hiding behind civilians talks are reportedly in the works for another humanitarian pause in fighting that would allow for hostages to be traded and for Aid to be safely delivered across Gaza however an agreement does not appear to be imminent Jeff Crystal

Command saying in London thanks Crystal

WARNING: This video contains disturbing content. Viewer discretion is advised.

Negotiations are reportedly being planned to pause the fighting in Gaza, where the already-dire humanitarian crisis just keeps getting worse.

Meanwhile, a vote at the United Nations (UN) Security Council calling for another break in the fighting was again delayed.

Crystal Goomansingh reports on the strike on a building said to shelter many displaced people and how a hospital was hit while an Al Jazeera news crew was live on air.

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