Victory! Nili Kaplan-Myrth sanctioned by school board colleagues


I do not regret that I stood up as a phys physician for the health and safety of the population I have absolutely no regrets about the work that I have done what I regret is that I trusted my colleagues I regret Victory neilly Kaplan MTH was sanctioned by her

Schoolboard colleagues the hypochondriac TV Doctor turned out of control Ottawa Carlton District Schoolboard trustee was found to have violated the board’s code of conduct in a unanimous decision Tuesday night resulting in a 4mon decision it’s like a mini firing for Kaplan MTH and the report that was written is incredibly biased it’s

Basically framing me as though I’m some sort of monster who’s been going around intimidating everybody where in fact I’ve been minding my own business and doing my work as a trustee Rebel news has obtained a copy of the the Integrity commissioner’s report on Kaplan M’s Behavior which

Mentions Rebel news 66 times in 188 Pages now in her scattered and error prone response to the allegation of misconduct which was included in the report Kaplan MTH admonished the board for meeting its legal requirement to comply with Rebel news access to information filings she also wrote bizarrely that Rebel news CEO and

Founder Ezra lvan works for True North the trustee who first became famous for wearing a mask in a remote TV interview while sitting alone in her office was banned from board activities until the end of March 2024 after first being elected to the school board Kaplan MTH censored parents

Who attended board meetings concerned about gender theory in otoa Carlton District School Board schools I always have but this is about having appropriate and save boundaries for progression and doing things in line with the parental community’s wishes I’m sorry Mr morito um on the grounds that this creates an unsafe environment for

People who identify as gender diverse I’m going to have to ask you to um and your and your delegation how does this provide an unsafe environment can anyone answer me that that’s what they do we’re going to take a two-minute recess and she had two petitions calling for her removal on removed

From the platform so Rebel news responded by delivering a non-cancellable petition signed by thousands of people at calling for Kaplan M’s firing we delivered that petition to Kaplan m in person and it went exactly as you would suspect look at this Miss Kap hi she like read this

Re news I just wanted to no don’t run away you will back off you will back off you back off right now I’m try to petition with 8 back off you will back off you back no you may not come in you may not come in you do not have

Permission to come in that door is closed you may not wow yeah can we have a security guard here thank you perfect thank you so Heather now this is Kaplan M’s second code of conduct investigation and it stems from her behavior while under investigation for the first code of conduct violation

This all took place during a September 11th special board meeting trustees found her behavior at that board meeting to have undermined public confidence in the board in Tuesday’s decision now the initial code of conduct complaint stemmed from the wild-eyed trustee sending text messages attempting to bully her black colleague Donna Dixon

Into supporting a return to a school mask mandate Kaplan MTH told Dixon to abstain from the vote rather than vote with quote white supremacist she was attacked in a meeting a black woman by a woman there are other times when members of sorry I’m going to everyone this is not a assassination and

Is enough you have from one everyone this meeting is going on recess now in kaplan’s defense of the most recent code of conduct investigation she complained that Rebel news had obtained access to internal Ottawa Carlton District Schoolboard Communications about her behavior and I did I did it legally I

Filed for them look at this though this is from the commissioner’s report on June 15 2023 internal otwa Carlton District Schoolboard Communications discussed trustee Kaplan M’s failure to follow the safety plan and her Communications with Rebel news and bore a rebel news Watermark I.E someone provided them to Rebel news in the

Emails Ottawa Carlton District Schoolboard staff say someone named Darren witnessed neilly bit The Rebel news reporter that’s me by circling the path near the parking lot and also expresses concerns regarding her safety plan and Kaplan M’s disregard for our eff efforts the emails also include drafts of a proposed email to trustee

Kaplan MTH reviewing her safety plan and generally critical of her disregard for that plan now Kaplan M wrote that Ottawa Carlton District School Board staff inappropriately made comments about my baiting Rebel news and then Ottawa Carlton District School Board shared that with Rebel news rather than writing

To apologize to me your response is to say that you had no choice I have attached the letter from my lawyer as further context Ottawa Carlton District Schoolboard has a duty of care to protect me on Ottawa Carlton District Schoolboard property including in the parking lot protector from what

Reporters and a statutory obligation to protect my privacy you made a decision in bad faith to share information with Rebel news they are a farri white supremist organization with an agenda to cause harm Rebel news is Jewish owned and a female reporter that’s me filed the access request in question the board

Legally released public documents to Rebel news as the board is required to do so by law now the kie trustee also repeatedly accuses her colleagues of leaking information to Rebel news about her she says so someone at Ottawa Carlton District School Board is feeding Rebels information Kaplan MTH erroneously reported to the commissioner

That she had been contacted by Ezra Levant of True North Ezra is the CEO and founder of Rebel news for those of you who don’t know does not work for True North and has never attempted to contact neilly Kaplan MTH Kaplan MTH has the next four months to deal with her extreme paranoia

And her obsession with Rebel news and she can come back renewed ready to listen to All viewpoints and she might just behave herself like a fully functioning adult in control of her faculties will she take this opportunity for the sake of the parents at the Ottawa Carlton District Schoolboard

Schools nly Kaplan M must I do not regret that I stood up as a phys physician for the health and safety of the population I have absolutely no regrets about the work that I have done what I regret is that I trusted my colleagues I regret that I stepped

Forward into this position I accepted that the public wanted me to do this and I stepped forward to do it not realizing that I would then be the subject of so much hate so much vital and targeted attack but I’m not hopeful for Rebel news I’m Sheila

Gried you know I just might need to reignite that petition if she doesn’t take these next four months to get herself in order to throw your name behind the list of thousands of people who find nly Kaplan mirth’s Behavior reprehensible and out of control go to

| Sheila Gunn Reid from Rebel News reports on Nili Kaplan-Myrth’s second code of conduct investigation, stemming from her behaviour while under investigation for the first violation during a September 11 special board meeting.

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  1. That woman is clearly having mental health crisis’s she should have a psychiatric evaluation. If she is a practicing MD her license should be suspended pending an evaluation for patient safety. Perhaps a drug test would also be in order.

  2. Nili is an angry, man faced, victim status seeking, bully and mental case… We can only hope she stays out of other people's affairs from here on.
    Well done Rebel news for flushing this turd out.

  3. How in hell did that creature ever get to be a medical doctor? To say that she’s Reprehensible is putting it mildly & why hasn’t the Ontario Medical Board or WETF board monitors psychos like this so called medical doctor do anything about this person’s actions as of late? Surely they can’t sanction that kind of erratic behaviour?

  4. Perfect example of someone that thinks that they can do no wrong and that everybody else is beneath them. A fully grown adult behaving like a tantrum fueled child when she doesn't get her way. And the worst part is, she is supposed to be a physician, and pushing a treatment that has been proven conclusively in dozens of studies, tons of real-world data and loads of anecdotal evidence to be not only extremely harmful, but completely ineffective for quite some time now. And that's not even mentioning all of the studies about masks and their lack of efficacy! It's actually quite disheartening to see people like this get to keep their jobs. But at least something was done . I guess it's a start. Thanks Rebel news!

  5. This is a prime example of why we require more mental health facilities. How these ranting, raving lunatics ever find their way into leadership positions is beyond me. Her position should have be evaluated at her first outbursts and irrational demands. Someone that holds her positions should be able to conduct themselves professionally and rationally, instead of defending her nutjob ideals because she feels she's the odd one out. Maybe that's because nobody else agrees with her; always a hint that maybe she's the one that's wrong – not in her headspace though – never wrong.

  6. I am a retired RN and I am sad to tell you that there are many seriously mentally ill doctors in charge of people’s very lives. I have witnessed colleagues in profound depressive cycles of their bipolar disorder come to work, unkempt, smelly, erratic…and still do patient rounds. There are also many doctors who are known addicts who are allowed to practise, perform surgery, etc. The public has a right to know this. My mother was scheduled to have surgery by a surgeon known to be a cocaine addict…I told her I would get this doctor changed to one who I trusted. The public has a right to know, but if any of us were to spill the beans we would be fired.


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