Dix announces hundreds of international doctors employed in B.C. family medicine

Hundreds of overseas doctors now working in B.C. family medicine, Dix says

“Over 650 International Medical Graduates Now Practicing in British Columbia”

In recent comments from British Columbia Health Minister Adrian Dix, it was revealed that almost all of the 666 international medical graduates registered in the province this year are now practicing as doctors, with over half of them working in family medicine. This comes as a much-needed relief amid ongoing health-care woes, including hospital overcrowding and many residents being left without a family doctor.

Rise of Family Doctors

Adrian Dix disclosed that as many as 700 doctors who weren’t practicing family medicine a year ago are now working in this sector. He attributed this trend to the popularity of a new longitudinal payment model that reflects the time spent with patients and complexity of their needs, as opposed to the traditional fee-for-service model.

Efforts to Boost Doctor Numbers

In an attempt to increase the number of family doctors in B.C., the province has created spaces in its medical schools for both Canadian and international students. Dix claims that this policy has contributed to more graduating doctors choosing to stay in B.C. rather than relocating to nearby jurisdictions such as Alberta – with up to 80% of locally trained professionals choosing to remain in the province.

Moves to Address Staffing Needs

Furthermore, B.C. is also sending international medical graduates to rural and remote communities under “return of service programs,” which require doctors to agree to these postings in exchange for government-funded training. The province is reportedly meeting its targets in these programs and is hopeful that the staffing situation will continue to improve with further investments.

Compelling Conclusion

Given the province’s success in attracting and retaining medical professionals, particularly in the family medicine sector, it’s evident that the priority placed on family practice, along with the support for health officials, has proven to be advantageous. As the province continues to invest in healthcare and supports initiatives to address the shortage of doctors, it remains to be seen how these efforts will further enhance the healthcare system’s ability to meet the needs of its residents.”



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