Dalhousie University’s clinical psychology faculty and alumni recognized as top Canadian researchers – Dal News

Dal faculty and alumni among Canada’s most productive clinical psychology researchers - Dal News

“Connections Among Canada’s Most Productive Clinical Psychology Professors: A Look at Dalhousie’s Influence”

The latest edition of Canadian Psychology, the official journal of the Canadian Psychological Association, has revealed a striking connection among the most productive clinical psychology professors in the country. According to a recent study, there is a strong representation of Dalhousie faculty and alumni among the top 15 percent of Canada’s most prolific clinical psychology researchers.

Praising the faculty members and the department as a whole, Dr. Aaron Newman, chair of the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience at Dalhousie, highlighted the important work being done in the field of mental health. The study’s findings not only underscore the significant contribution of Dalhousie professors and alumni but also shed light on their commitment to evidence-based approaches in diagnosing and treating mental health concerns.

Breaking Down the Study’s Findings

The study, conducted by researchers from the University of Regina, the University of Ottawa, and Queen’s University, used the Web of Science database to assess the productivity and impact of clinical psychology professors in Canada. The research revealed that the clinical psychology field has seen a surge in popularity, with an increase in research productivity and the shifting demographics, including a higher number of women in the field.

The study categorized professors by gender and career status, grouping them into early, mid, and late-career researchers. Notably, six individuals with connections to Dalhousie were featured in the top 15 percent of the most productive professors, reaffirming the university’s influence in the field of clinical psychology.

Impacting the Field Across Canada

Recognizing the achievements of Dalhousie’s alumni, Dr. Chuck Macdonald, dean of the Faculty of Science, expressed pride in seeing the university’s graduates making significant contributions to the field of clinical psychology.

The full study, titled “Assessing the Publication Productivity of Clinical Psychology Professors in Canadian Psychological Association-Accredited Canadian Psychology Departments: A 10-Year Replication Study,” is available through Dalhousie Libraries.

In conclusion, this study serves as a testament to the dedication and impact of the clinical psychology faculty and alumni at Dalhousie University. As the field continues to evolve, it is evident that the university’s influence and commitment to advancing mental health research and practice are making a significant difference in Canada and beyond.”



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