Celine Dion’s sister confirms singer losing control of her muscles due to stiff person syndrome


We also got an update on celion it’s been a year since she was diagnosed with that rare autoimmune disorder and now her sister has shared an update on her health our Morgan Hoffman joins us now I know you’re following this story okay so it was Sister clet right yes it was her

Sister caet she has actually been giving interviews throughout the past year since this diagnosis has come out that Selen Deion shared on her social media that she’s dealing with stiff person syndrome this is a A syndrome that uh progressively causes stiffness in your muscles uh painful spasms so we knew

That she had postponed a number of performances um she kept rescheduling them so we’ve all been kind of waiting we’ve heard a couple of updates here and there from claudet but this is a big one for fans she recently said that she’s working hard but that she has lost

Control of her muscles and that uh the the dream forel and the family is that she returns to the stage but at this point at what capacity we don’t know the reason why this is so surprising for people is we just saw her recently out looking like she was having a great time

At an NHL game it was in Vegas she was supporting the Montreal Canadians she was seeing backstage shaking hands with the head coach she was with her kids she was making jokes with the players if you watch the whole video she’s commenting on how good they smell I mean for us we

Were so worried when we had heard about this diagnosis back in December so we were feeling good about this we were like okay she’s on the men she’s working hard so to hear this news from her sister someone that close to the family uh it’s pretty heartbreaking yeah for

Sure it is really really a heartbreaking news and obviously we’re wishing a Le s Seline thank you the very uh best in this battle and boy we all hope to see her back on stage sometime soon

In a recent update on Céline Dion’s health journey, her sister Claudette Dion confirms that the renowned singer has lost control of her muscles due to stiff person syndrome.

This condition has made it difficult for her to perform on stage. Despite this, Celine remains determined to make a comeback and has been seen out with her family recently.

Morgan Hoffman shares more details on this in ‘The Morning Show.’

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