Canada sees fastest quarterly population boom since 1957


Also increasing is Canada’s population and at a pace not seen in decades the growth over the first nine months of this year has already exceeded the total growth in any other full year ctv’s Kevin Gallagher on what’s behind the boom despite an affordability crisis Canada is attracting immigrants at a

Record Pace we’ve grown more in the last three months then traditionally we we’ve grown in an entire year according to statistics Canada the country’s population grew by more than 430,000 people between July and September driving Canada’s population above 40.5 million I’ve always dreamed of living on

This part of the world to live in a democratic Free Nation journalist mahabat aanova and her chemist husband Sultan immigrated from Kazakhstan in September the couple arrived in Toronto in the midst of a housing crisis and are already on the Move we think that we cannot afford a lifestyle we want uh in

Toronto so we decided to move out of Toronto GTA in general so we’re moving to Edmonton International migrants are driving a population boom not seen since the late 50s as that baby boom generation increasingly retires the federal government is trying to fill shortages so if it wasn’t for immigration we’d have essentially a

Labor force uh decline about 313,000 of the new arrivals in the third quarter alone are temporary residents unlike permanent residents the number of people coming on temporary work permits or as International students can vary if they don’t know we’re if we’re going to have 60,000 International students next year or 600,000 International students

Next year you can’t really plan for that you don’t know how many houses to build with more than a million immigrants arriving in the first nine months this year every Province and territory except the Northwest Territories has seen population growth with Alberta Ontario and Prince Edward Island seeing the

Largest increases Omar all right Kevin thanks

Canada’s population grew by more than 430,000 during the third quarter, marking the fastest pace of population growth in any quarter since 1957.

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