Canada plans to phase out sales of gas-powered cars, trucks by 2035


Good evening everyone how and what you drive in the future became clearer today by 2026 new federal regulations require automakers to ensure that one in five vehicles on the market be electric increasing to 100% by 2035 gas powered models sold before that year will remain on the road but no

Additional ones will be added Ottawa says the measures are required to help Canada achieve its emissions reductions targets but as ctv’s Allison banford reports there are still many questions about the possible bumps on the road to the Final Destination New National Electric Vehicle standards will be a bigger lift

For some provinces over others we don’t have the supports in place to allow all Canadians to switch to Electric by 2026 electric vehicles must make up 20% of new car sales 60% by 2030 and 100 % by 2035 currently only BC and Quebec meet the 20% threshold they both have EV

Sales mandates at the provincial level and have had consumer rebates the longest the benefits from electric vehicles go beyond savings saving the climate and consumer cost they also mean sustainable sustainably cleaner and healthier hair but cost weit times and the availability of charging stations are key concerns Canada will need about

442,000 EV Chargers to power its goal in 2035 according to the Canadian vehicle manufacturers Association Natural Resources Canada says there are over 25,000 across the country and 85% of them are in Quebec Ontario and BC that means building 35,000 new Chargers every single year currently we build 6,000 the

New regulations offer incentives for automakers to invest in Chargers and uto is working on National Building Code revisions to ensure new multi-unit buildings have charging capabilities you’ll have private Industries investing more you know government’s investing to build out that infrastructure so it’ll kind of keep in Pace with these uh

Vehicle adoptions last year the government spent nearly $270 million on incentives for its zero emissions vehicle program and recently budgeted 43 6 billion in subsidies for Ev battery production over 10 years but some critics want to pump the brakes on spending and see what’s actually driving EV interest with consumers let’s let

That play out a little bit more before we’re just dumping in more and more taxpayer dollars into more subsidies Canadian auto companies sold a record number of electric vehicles this year but would still need to nearly double that number within the next three years to meet the first Target of 20% by 2026

Omar all right Ellison thank you

The federal government says its new EV plan lays the groundwork to reach 100 per cent zero-emissions vehicle sales by 2035. New regulations being published this week by Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault will effectively end the sale of new passenger vehicles powered only by gasoline or diesel.

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