Canada and Winnipeg Ink $122M Contract for 3,166 Homes Over 3 Years, 15,000 in 10 Years

Canada, Winnipeg seal $122M deal for 3,166 homes in 3 years, 15,000 in decade - Winnipeg

“Canada’s Federal Government Invests $122M in Housing for Winnipeg: What This Means for the City”

In a huge milestone for Winnipeg, a newly sealed deal between the federal government and the city has pledged a whopping $122-million over the next three years. This funding will result in the completion of 3,166 new homes over the next decade, and is a significant victory in efforts to address the housing crisis in Winnipeg.

Funding for Housing in Winnipeg

Terry Duguid, Member of Parliament for Winnipeg South, expressed the government’s commitment to fulfilling the housing needs not only within Winnipeg but across Canada. Duguid believes that this investment will accelerate the development of safe and affordable housing to keep up with the city’s rapid growth. Through the Housing Accelerator Fund (HAF), this money will be used to expedite housing construction in Winnipeg.

Supporting Innovation and Partnerships

Kevin Lamoureux, Member of Parliament for Winnipeg North, echoed the sentiment, expressing the belief that through innovation and partnerships with local governments, it is possible to build the necessary homes in cities and towns while creating affordable, inclusive, and diverse communities.

Local Initiatives for Diverse Housing

National Affairs Minister and Winnipeg MP, Dan Vandal, emphasized that the funding will include seven local initiatives to support diverse housing, including streamlined zoning changes, incentive programs, land office establishments, and creating a city concierge for affordable housing.


The $122-million investment from the federal government is a game-changer for the city of Winnipeg. This move has the potential to not only address the housing needs of the community but also to create more widespread positive impacts in the city and beyond. It sets the tone for future partnerships and collaborative efforts between federal and local governments to create lasting, sustainable change.



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