BC woman dies after 14-hour hospital wait, family wants someone “held accountable”


She deserve better and it’s not fair Hanah raoui is agonizing over the death of her beloved mother Luan Nora OV went to the ER at absord Regional hospital last Friday rui says that’s where her mother was failed it makes me upset it makes me feel like they were negligent

It makes me feel like they didn’t prioritize her the family says the 55-year-old had a chronic kidney stone issue and history of sepsis when she started to feel ill rui says they sent a urine sample to the lab which confirmed she had an infection triggering the ER

Visit at this point the infection is festering Right 12 hours it’s been 12 13 hours at this point she’s still in pain she’s still struggling she’s still asking for help and nothing RI says her mother didn’t get help until nearly 14 hours later that’s when the family was

Told a CT scan revealed a tankov needed emergency surgery to deal with an apparent obstruction which may not have been the case on Sunday her mother’s condition continued to get worse she died in the ICU you know her body at that point was rapidly fading away so we

Never got to Say Goodbye rui Says the family is outraged she is high risk the history is there the chart is there the information is there all they had to do was care enough to at it Abbotsford hospital’s medical director Dr David Louie says he can’t comment on the

Specifics of the case but sends his condolences he says staff would assess patients based on their symptoms when they arrive at the emergency department patient will be triaged accordingly to their Vital Signs and their their history and then um care will be directed in a timely fashion according

To to uh their triage assessments rui is seeking accountability and has filed an offal complaint she says by speaking out she wants to ensure her mother did not die in vain my family currently is not whole she’s missing and I’m hoping that maybe I will keep somebody else’s family

Whole so that’s this doesn’t happen to somebody else’s friend or relative Angela Jung Global News

A British Columbia family is dealing with the loss of their mother a week before Christmas, and her daughter believes she’d still be alive today if not for the long wait at a hospital in Abbotsford, B.C.

Luanora Irtenkauf, 55, died Sunday night at Abbotsford Regional Hospital after being admitted for kidney stones.

Irtenkauf lived with a condition that caused her kidneys to chronically produce stones and her family said they were all familiar with the symptoms and the treatment. Her daughter said her mother began feeling unwell on Dec. 13 and a urine test showed she had an infection.

As Angela Jung reports, the family wants someone held accountable.

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  1. Canada is broken. Our government and our health care system don’t care for Canadians whether we live or die. The hospital is negligent and should be held accountable. Do we have free health care or just a free place to wait and die? Is this the Canada you want future children to grow up in? I sure don’t.

  2. So sorry for your loss. The same happened to our mother in 2009. History of stones and had a UTI. They were treating her as having the flu and went Septic after 4hrs in ER. I do know what you are going through and it hurts. So many unanswered questions to this day..
    Again, so very sorry to your family.

  3. Canadas health care is ABSURD and only getting worse with all of the people coming to Canada. Higher taxes & 0 healthcare. This isn’t rare. It’s happening more and more. People should be marching in the streets. Rip. So sad.

  4. Unbelievable and that’s something the MSM in Canada ?? coverups up. Why is there a healthcare crisis in Canada? Everyone knows but are afraid to speak up. The wait times are totally Justin Trudeau fault.

  5. Well done Canada. Ridiculous medicine. Would never happen in Flanders , Belgium. Full blown urosepsis is sooo deadly. Broad spectrum antibiotics on admission and she would definitely have been fine. Shame.

  6. This is important. When you are as ill as this woman was you call an ambulance so you have instant hospital care…you do not sit in emergency. My 29 year old nephew died of ruptured spleen…he didn't look I'll. Call an ambulance! By the way Liberals did not close hospitals and outreaches. It's the far right conservatives that closed our hospitals…not the liberals ….not Trudeau.

  7. too many people coming in too less doctors ??? may her soul rest in peace and we will hear a lot more cases like this as immigrants pour in at the rate of 1 million per quarter and ???

  8. This story is unfortunately all too common in Canada. We lost a friend this year who also had a severe infection. She never even made it to the hospital that could have saved here, because she lived in a rural community.

  9. See a family doctor need wait 2 or 3 days , make a reservation for ultrasound waiting for 2 or 3 weeks, emergency waiting for 3 or 5 hours, surgery waiting for half year to 10 months, waiting waiting waiting till we die. But the doctors have half million to 1 million income annual. And work 3 or 4 days a week. Good for them , bad for all of us. Canada become one of the most taught to see a doctor, even harder and India,China and some Africa countries. That is is really a devastation for all of Canadians. But looks like we can do nothing either Trudeau or Conservative Party????

  10. We lost our very good friend in almost same fashion. She went to emergency was admitted but because it was a rural hospital they said wait for ambulance. She died in the hospital parking lot as they were sending her out to Edmonton. She waited 8 hours! Sending prayers to this family. Yes someone should be held accountable!!

  11. This is unacceptable you need to close those borders we are way way over populate it now there’s a lady died To what we overpopulated and the hospitals cannot handle it obviously shortage of doctors for one thing close the borders


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