BC Health Minister stands up for Peace Arch Hospital film shoot despite controversy – Find out why

Health minister defends film shoot at Peace Arch Hospital - BC

British Columbia Health Minister Defends Film Shoot At White Rock Hospital

Amid a scarcity of hospital beds in the Fraser Health region, a contentious decision was made to allow a film to be shot at Peace Arch Hospital. The move drew criticism from opposition members and numerous members of the public.

“Just Supporting the Film Industry”

Health Minister Adrian Dix defended the controversial decision, claiming that the approval was granted for a single unused room. “That’s just accommodating a request from an industry that employs a lot of people and does a good job,” he stated. “If it was needed for care it would never be provided.” Despite the Minister’s reassurance, the public remains skeptical about the choice made by the health authority.

Rare Occurrence or Routine?

Conflicting viewpoints intensify the situation as Fraser Health assured that no beds were closed due to the film shoot and that all services remained open. This stance is intensified by South Surrey MLA Elenore Sturko, who claims that the shoot took place as patients were suffering in overcrowded hallways.

Outlook for the Future

In light of such divergent viewpoints, Health Minister Adrian Dix has commissioned an internal review to determine the frequency of such incidents and to clarify under what circumstances health care facilities are rented out to film crews. Questions still remain, reflecting a deep-rooted skepticism and clear differences in perspective.

The use of health care facilities and hospitals for film shoots continues to spark debate, emphasizing the need for vigilant oversight and thoughtful reflection on the issue. In a time of unprecedented strain on public health care, the balance between supporting the local film industry and providing much-needed patient care must be evaluated with care and deliberation, maintaining the public’s trust as the guiding principle.



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