Young boy leads chant at anti-Israel protest: “Long live the intifada!”



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Well this is an image I guess that was posted uh by our Montreal correspondent speaking of Montreal Alexa lavois yep and um well there you have it it says uh we love you kill them all oh leaders boycott the terrorists do not be accomplice to the genocide in Palestine

You know it’s amazing this um how prone they are to violence a week ago uh Tamara at Christy Pitts in Toronto there was a huge pro-israel um demonstration thousands of people attended you know what was kind of different a few things one is U the number of Canadian flags as well as the

State of Israel flag uh being shown in all the Hamas protests I’ve covered I’ve seen one Canadian flag that’s it it’s all Palestinian Flags I also didn’t hear anyone calling for the death of an identifiable group I also didn’t hear anyone at the pro-israel uh March calling for any Islamic country to be

Wiped off the face of the Earth Allah from The River To The Sea um you know it’s very odd isn’t it why do you think that is yeah hypocrisy I’ve been saying it since 2020 hypocrisy is the new normal and um we have one clip before we move on here

Um where the these protests call for long live the resistance and long live the anti fata on the streets of Toronto yesterday and this is a post uh that comes from the center for Israel and Jewish Affairs Advocacy group and they say this type of glorification of

Violence and Terror has no place in Canada and must be condemned by all Lord the resist this is a child there is only one solution there is only one the revolution the Re you know it’s the age of that uh speaker to that really disturbs me as a you know whether you’re in marketing or Marxism the saying is get them young again forever and this is part of the problem uh if you go to Gaza um children are indoctrinated from the earliest ages

I remember uh must be about 15 years ago 60 Minutes did a report it was a character kind of like I don’t know Barney or big bird in terms of North American uh sensibilities its name was terab bishu the talking chick and it was all about uh this you know child friendly mascot

Um whipping up a friend frenzy of what do you do when you see a Jew right and it went from getting a rock to throw at the jew to getting an AK-47 and shooting the Jew it remember this is for a target audience of maybe three to seven year

Olds wow yeah so um you know when you have that kind of indoctrination of hatred going on uh well you reap what you sow don’t you yeah that’s absolutely appalling and then what we’re seeing the streets of Canada is absolutely appalling and um agreed that it needs to

Be condemned and uh meanwhile you have that Vancouver MP saying oh we’ll meet with them so that everybody can feel like they have their voices heard you know and and the other thing too you know you’ve touched upon something whenever we see a synagogue vandalized whenever we see a Jewish

School where a bomb threat is phoned in like what happened to the Toronto one on Friday um whenever we see a um a restaurant or a florist owned by a Jew and uh there’s this uh the mob descends and creates vandalism and implies um violence um when a political leader does

Reach out they say we condemn all forms of anti-Semitism well that’s where they should put the period full stop but no almost every single time and islamophobia where is where’s the islamophobia yeah I mean this is crazy toar I just told you when you had that mass gathering at Christy Pitts a week

Ago Sunday uh nothing uh you know nothing that approaches hate speech was said in regard to Islamic countries or Muslims certainly you don’t see Jews running around targeting uh Islamic owned businesses why do you think our leaders feel that they have to throw in the islamophobia card when they’re

Calling out tangible acts of anti-Semitism MH absolutely well um a change of leadership yeah all around well we hope is uh is needed Here hey I got to tell you I’m going on a cruise with a whole bunch of rebels we’re sailing out of Fort Lauderdale on March 23rd 2024 that’s not so far away less than 6 months away a gorgeous trip around the Caribbean Hall in America line boy is that

Luxurious and we’re going to bring some of our favorite Rebel Talent Sheila G Reed David menes and can you believe it we’re actually bringing Tamara leech with us and you are invited that’s rebelnews

A young boy at an anti-Israel rally in Toronto was seen leading chants including, “There is only one solution, intifada revolution!”

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  1. I feel bad for what is happening overseas, but not to the leftist jews here in America.
    They radicalized our colleges and now reap what the sow.
    Notice how the big money legacy media jewish stations are starting to backtrack??

  2. These Muslins/Islamic living in Canada need to be deported to the countries that their ideology and beliefs they believe in! Don’t care if your born in Canada or were granted Canadian citizenship doesn’t make you an Canadian, you only poisoning a civilized country with you sickness. As a Canadian I’m PISSED and TRY THAT IN A SMALL TOWN!!!!! 😡💪🏼🇨🇦🙏🏼🇺🇸

  3. There must be a halt to mass immigration and a much greater focus on assimilation. There's no benefit to Canada to bring in mass numbers of people every year. None whatsoever! On the flip side, we see the changing of societal views in real time and it's only going to get worse!

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