Toronto police “mourn and remember” victims of anti-trans violence



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On transgender day of remembrance they say that They Mourn and remember those who have lost their lives by anti-transgender violence hate crimes have no place in our city so wait a minute to Mar ugolini uh are they implying that if a transgender person who is probably mentally ill especially

If you’re taking your own life if it’s a self-inflicted wound to commit suicide does the tonal police call label that as anti- transgender violence even though it was the transgender person who committed suicide I mean like I’m I’m seriously confused I’m not even trying

To be funny here it seems to be a lot of confusion these days on all fronts um what a day for the day of absurdity to also fall in trans day and by the way I’m not surprised at all one of our one of my favorite videos that we did uh

This year was about the and it was a Toronto copper that leaked it to us yes they have to have mandatory transgender training and basically it’s so embarrassing most of the video is really what looks like homeless trans people um telling the cops how to do their job and

If you think and remember the iconic image um Tam Mar ugolini Lady Justice holding the scales and the sword and the blindfold on you know uh well Lady Justice is not wearing a blindfold anymore when it comes to the transgender commun she’s wearing x-ray glasses because one of the most unbelievable

Things was the fact that a trans man so this is a woman pretending to be a man uh some of them evidently carry um a dildo part of my language in their panties to pretend it’s a penis and when when you go into a holding cell uh you

Lose your neck tie your your um shoelaces your belt anything that you can use as a weapon anything that you can harm yourself with and NOP but if it’s a trans man with this dildo that’s not a sex toy that’s a gender affirming article okay and even though it can be

Weaponized so we have to turn a blind eye uh talk about the inmate running the Asylum and I’ll never forget I don’t know if we have a clip of it it was officer chavalier who um he he’s uh I I think yeah there there he is Zar Olivia we got

To listen to this because he he’s very obsessed about not misgendering his niece who is a minor so he’s come up with a new vocabulary uh if we’re able to run that folks yeah Olivia’s going to uh look for it it’s worth it’s worth the wait but this is the

Politicization that the police are under and I’m sure it’s not just the Toronto police department it is Police uh Services right across our great dominion and uh I think that might be him there uh Olivia let let let’s see what officer chavalia has to say um about talking

About your nieces and nephews because you don’t want to misgender them do you uh important to me I feel so attached to it uh is not only because I’m a gay male but uh just in the past few months uh my previous niece has come out as

Non-binary and so I call her my previous niece because niece is no longer appropriate so the two of us sort of put our heads together did some research and we came up with the word nibbling which if you Google it you might you may or may not not find that it’s a a

Non-binary uh way to call your niece or nephew so to Marini when he said nibbling I’m a little confused here isn’t that a brand of licorice um or maybe it’s a product from uh the Green Giant you know niblets um and maybe the Green Giant is on base with this he’s

Always wearing that little minis skirt you notice and his legs are a Kimbo over the crops like why is he always laughing too what is he doing to those crops but uh Tamara I digress how’s your nibbling I am just looking it up to confirm that

This is in fact word and um it sure is the dictionary here Miriam Webster D dictionary um has this as a gender neutral term used to refer to a child of one’s sibling supposed to be for siblings as a replacement or as a replacement for niece or nephew unbelievable see how Lang sh

Folks is a nibbling so I I guess if we called a girl that looks like a niece a niece and not a nibbling um I guess that’s a hate crime uh I guess that’s misgendering or uh I don’t even know if it fits into misgendering it’s miss

Something Miss uh not using new speak H it it’s crazy and I got to tell you also last night I don’t know if you know uh because I would think in this day and age pretty much beauty pageants are irrelevant and you know folks you really

Know you if you have a gambling problem if you bet on Miss Universe like I did and uh bet on Miss Panama who was robbed by the way Miss Nicaragua one um here’s what’s newsworthy about that Miss Nicaragua is a woman a biological woman one a a beauty

Pageant because we’ve seen in recent years and I believe Tamar galini the fixes in this is all about generating publicity um this is all about you you know because like I said a beauty pageant this day and age is pretty much irrelevant um is that um yes yes that is

Indeed Miss Panama isn’t it oh that is Miss negro that that is the winner yeah I think she’s too skinny for my liking I I like a little meat on the you as long as she’s a woman I’ll take it yes biological woman there you have

It and you can tell um by the way that she walks the runway there um that she is a biological woman but I mean we also saw just over the weekend on Saturday the Toronto police operations so a subsect of Toronto police put out this tweet um missing Lily I guess it’s

Spelled is that 3 L’s anyway Lily age 28 uh it’s a missing missing person although they don’t even use the word person uh they don’t use any gender at all but have a look here this is Lily apparently age 28 uh last scene Friday July 7th

6 foot to 6′ 6 200 lb holy ning with blonde hair and brown eyes known to wear extensions or a red wig and uh well you can see for yourselves the photos of Lily and apparently known to wear the bazer on the outside of the blouse or is that see-through I I can’t

Tell yeah it’s some strange sort of fetish get up um what a fashion plate why don’t we just say this is this is a crossdressing male who’s known to have some form of mental delusion or mental ill health issue and um we’re on the lookout for this person if if you come

Across this character then let us know but this just validating the delusion um is what some are actually saying leads to that increase in Mental Health crisis and subsequently and sadly that suicidal ideation that’s a clip from the rebel News Daily Roundup which runs weekdays

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On a recent Rebel News daily livestream, Tamara Ugolini and David Menzies discussed the commemoration of ‘Transgender Day of Remembrance’ on November 20. Even the Toronto Police had to send out a tweet acknowledging the day, bringing to mind the countless ways the police have been forced to or willingly gone along with radical gender ideology.

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  1. Soldiers get one day for all that they did for us…….. so why do those very, very ,few with a mental problem get a special day special month and a parade?

    I would just like to know

  2. Nearly all "anti trans" violence is committed by trans people. Like every community or family, nearly all violence experienced by the people within it comes from within it.

  3. If you added up all the organic (not socially engineered) trans people in the world, statistically this category of people would be zero. The powers that shouldn't be are working hard to change that.

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