“This is my war now”: Families of hostages taken by Hamas continue push for their release



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People are dying we know that for sure she must be saying every day is my daddy where is my daddy why isn’t he come to save me I need my omry back I need my men back I went in to just for with one single question to know if the all of

The war cabinets supports the same stand that Gans and eizen Co took a couple of days ago when theyve met with us when they said absolutely clear without hesitation that bringing out the hostages is the top priority as far as they’re concerned and now when we’ve met

With the entire cabinet what we’ve heard is that taking down Kamas and bringing the hostages are as important are equally important it’s a nightmare an absolute nightmare we pray that we get we get we get them back I pray I’ll get Emily back that’s my Prime Focus my reason for

Living for getting up in the morning every day cuz believe me I just want to stay in bed and just just a quiet death if you like just go to sleep and forget it all but no for Emily I have to get up and do everything I can to get Emily

Back and all the all the at least at least the children all the children and the babies 38 of them they’re bloody monsters for It seems like everyone talking about the the children’s of course the women of course but the men it’s okay we don’t want to wait we like five years or six years until they come back also and this is important to understand that these people they are as Citizens

They are not as soldiers and then they need to come back also yes I know that this is what going to happen when they took him uh I told him four sentence I told him that I love him I told him that I got our daughter that that I waiting for him

And I and I told him also don’t be a hero because I want you back here me I need my omry back I need my man back and Ronnie and Alma need him back so this is my War now

After a meeting between Israeli war cabinet ministers and a handful of family members on Monday evening, one of the attendees, Udi Goren, whose cousin Tel Haimi is currently being held by Hamas in Gaza, said he hoped Israel’s government would prioritize the return of the hostages first and foremost.

Meanwhile, the father of a young Irish Israeli girl who was kidnapped by Hamas militants during the incursion into Israel on Oct. 7 and has spent her ninth birthday in captivity said, “I pray I get Emily back,” adding, “That’s my prime focus, my reason for living, for getting up in the morning every day.”

Relatives of some of the 240 people held by Hamas in Gaza urged far-right Israeli lawmakers not to pursue proposed capital punishment for captured Palestinian militants and chanted, “Whoever saves one soul is as if he saved the whole world.”

For Lishay Lavi, it feels like almost yesterday that her husband was abducted right in front of her own eyes by Hamas gunmen. “We need him back. Roni and Alma need him back, so this is my war now,” she said.

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