Salvation Army’s Christmas Kettle Campaign tackles rising need for donations



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Well this past year has been a difficult one for many Canadians we’ve all fell the impact of inflation our grocery bills have gone up the price of the pumps have increased as have hour bills and that is why the Salvation Army is hoping even more Canadians will think

About giving this holiday season during its 133rd annual Christmas Kettle campaign Glenn van Gulick joins us this morning to talk a bit more about the campaign Glenn good morning to you good morning thanks so much for having me appreciate it having you here let’s first of all just talk about 133 years

Quite some time 189 was when it first began on the on the docks of San Francisco a a young Captain Joseph MC started things off putting a kettle out there to uh to help raise some funds to have a Christmas dinner and so we’ve continued that tradition On and Here in

Canada uh continuing to to use those funds to support those that uh that are struggling yeah and let’s talk about those who are struggling you have some recent numbers to uh really paint the picture we do well 2.7 million Canadians uh required our services last year and

We expect that that to continue to grow uh one of the one of the most interesting numbers that we’ve seen over this last year is a 31% of those seeking support from the Salvation Army are new households so 31% new people are coming to the Salvation Army for support and

Over a third of those are children so so much need in the community for for some of the basics food right shelter those kinds of things and and support that the Salvation Army can provide um but needing to make sure that our doors are open continue to give hope to people

Every sing SLE day all right well the need remains what has changed a little bit though is the way that people can give because I know for example that the past few holiday seasons you walk in you see the kettle you hear the bells yeah I’m not carrying cash you know few and

Few of us are carrying cash you now have an answer to that dilemma we do well you can give online salvation so many people are more comfortable giving online than ever before so salvation people can give and join our army of givers right now actually every

Donation is being matched by an anonymous donor uh supporting up to $100,000 but people can give it a kettle you’ll see about two 2,000 of these right across the country uh kettles with uh an opportunity to donate cash but as you pointed out a tipt option where you

Can just tap your credit card or debit card and make a donation and all those funds in the kettles stay local to where they’re given to support those local programs and services because you can’t reach your goal alone let’s remind everyone what the goal is for this year

Yeah $22 million through our Christmas Kettle campaign it’s a goal that continues to rise year-over-year but the need is great and so we we are counting on Canadians to support us support their neighbors ultimately every dollar is actually going to support individuals in your community so $22 million a goal

That we know that Canadians will help us achieve and uh and a goal that Canadians have year-over-year uh come to uh the Salvation Army and and come to the kettles and and been donating uh to make sure that we can hit our targets all right and that is just fantastic that

Tip Tap and uh I need to look for that poster right there there and I can just tap on the uh dollar amount yeah exactly so you T take your credit card tap on the 20 the 10 or the five and uh you can

Tap as many times as you like so if you want to give more absolutely we would encourage that but an opportunity for anyone to give whether that’s online by cash or through the tipt option now the tipt option that’s not at every at every

Spot right it or is it at a select few almost every single one so we have 2,000 kettles across Canada and about 1,800 of those will be Tip Tap enabled so an option for so many people to give and again you can donate online at Salvation if you don’t have cash as well all right before we let you go I got to hear the bells we got the bells here yeah you’ll hear these out in the about and some of our Salvation Army brass bands might be out playing so enjoy those Christmas carols enjoy the spirit

Of giving and and help us give hope today sure all right well we want to make sure people uh donate please donate if you can and help make this year’s holiday campaign a big success and continue to help so many Canadians alongside the Salvation Army to the

Bells yeah there you go thank you so much Happ H God bless you this portion of the morning show is brought to you by the Salvation Army everyone needs an army donate at Salvation

Glenn Van Gulik joins us to talk about the Salvation Army’s enduring Christmas Kettle Campaign and how it’s adapting to modern challenges with new donation options.

Learn how the campaign addresses the increasing need for meals, hampers, and support in local communities, making a meaningful impact during challenging times.

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