Ontario reaches contract deal with elementary teachers, goes to arbitration for “outstanding items”



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We have said from the beginning our priority is to keep kids in school to provide a stable positive learning environment that goes back to the basics of learning and for Patrice and I and our entire government were very excited and honored uh to be confirming that we

Have reached a deal a good deal for all the parties that provide stability to families I know for our youngest Learners in elementary schools that Social Development the learning uh as well as the educational Journey really matters uh to the consistent in the day of a child I can confirm that there will

Be items going to binding interest arbitration of course these the particulars of this deal we will respect uh the process for ratification as I must uh but yes we are using that frame for the outstanding issues that could not have been resolved through our process of um of negotiating over the

Past weeks now have two large uh education Union teacher unions that have signed deals with this government today represents a total of 60% % of children now have certainty and stability because of our deals with o with ossf and uh and edfo and so we’re urging the Catholic and French unions to

Move this process along and the delay let’s get this deal we have demonstrated we have a frame that works for any outstanding issues we cannot agree on will go to binding interest arbitration so I’m urging them to move quicker so we can provide certainty to their members

And to all children in all Ontario because we believe as a government firly kids need to be in school I’ll take it

Ontario Education Minister Stephen Lecce said Tuesday that the province has reached a tentative contract deal with public elementary school teachers.

Lecce says the deal means stability in schools and confirmed that “outstanding items” would go to binding interest arbitration.

The government is still in bargaining with the Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association, whose members also voted in favour of a strike, and with the union representing teachers in the French public school system.

Lecce urged both unions with outstanding deals to “move this process along” and said the government has “demonstrated it has a frame(work) that works.”

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