Local Aylmer hairstylist named Canada’s best hair stylist in annual awards

Aylmer-based hair stylist wins Canada's top hairstylist award

“Canadian Hairstylist and Colourist of the Year Announced at 35th Annual Contessa Awards

Nicole Pede of Aylmer, Ont. has once again secured the title of Canada’s top hairstylist, marking her second win in just three years. Pede, the owner of Instyle Salon and Spa in Aylmer, expressed her surprise at winning and attributed her success to the outstanding quality of work this year. The announcement was made at the 35th annual Contessa Awards, organized by SalonMagazine.ca in Toronto on Nov. 12, 2023.

The Judging Process

Tom Arkell, the CEO and publisher of SalonMagazine.ca, shed light on the meticulous judging process, which involves a panel of 20 national and international judges evaluating the contestants’ entries. The judges take into account various factors such as cut, color, coordination of models, and even backdrops. The scores are then combined, leading to the selection of the ultimate winner.

The Months of Preparation

Pede emphasized the extensive planning and preparation required for the competition. From finding models and working on the looks and wardrobe to collaborating with a photographer and makeup artist, the process is a laborious one. Pede also acknowledged the crucial role played by her photographer, Paula Tizzard, in the planning process.

A Win for the London Area

Meanwhile, Erin Fernandes, the owner of Bon Bon Salon in London, was named Canadian colorist of the year, adding to the streak of wins for the London area. Fernandes expressed her surprise at the win, revealing that the collection she submitted was a result of spontaneous creativity rather than seeking inspiration from external sources.

Career Opportunities and Industry Recognition

Pede reflected on the doors that have opened for her in the industry as a result of her previous wins. Not only has she been able to expand her work as an educator for Schwarzkopf Professional and travel across Canada, but she has also gained increased visibility and recognition in the industry through magazine features and salon bookings.

The Future of Canadian Hairstyling and Coloring

As Pede and Fernandes bask in the glory of their well-deserved wins, it is evident that their achievements represent more than just personal success. They serve as a testament to the creativity, talent, and innovation thriving in the Canadian hairstyling and coloring industry. With their accolades, they are not only pushing the boundaries of their own careers but also elevating the standard of hairstyling and coloring on a national and international level.

The recent triumphs of Nicole Pede and Erin Fernandes are not just personal victories; they symbolize the vibrant and dynamic landscape of the Canadian hairstyling and coloring industry. Their accolades shed light on the creativity, talent, and dedication that define this industry, and their wins serve as an inspiration for aspiring hairstylists and colorists across the country. In celebrating their achievements, we are also celebrating the evolution and innovation of hairstyling and coloring in Canada, paving the way for future talent to rise and make an impact. Congratulations to Nicole Pede and Erin Fernandes for their exceptional accomplishments, which have not only elevated their careers but also raised the bar for hairstyling and coloring in Canada.”



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