Lebanese news agency says 2 journalists killed in Israeli airstrikes



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An Israeli air strike in southern Lebanon is being blamed for the deaths of two journalists Rebecca caller joins us now from Beirut so Rebecca what can you tell us on this well first of all let me say Travis so far we haven’t heard anything from the Israeli side about the accusations

Behind this strike but what we’re hearing from El mayadin which is the channel That these journalists worked for um is that these two journalists were hit just after doing a live um a live broadcast around 10:00 a.m. local time in a village uh less than 2 kilm

From the Israeli border now the channel has accused Israel of deliberately targeting these journalists to try to silence them the Lebanese government has also said that they were deliberately targeted um and of course we can’t confirm any of the details now behind this attack Travis but I will say you

Know this is not the first time that Lebanese journalists and the Lebanese government have accused Israel of targeting journalists um here uh and in the south of this country and if you remember on October 13th um about five weeks ago very early on in these in this

Escalation uh there was an a strike that killed Isam Abdullah a Reuters journalist um and injured several other journalists um belonging to the AFP news agency now um at the time it was of course difficult for us to confirm what exactly happened in that strike but in recent weeks reporters Without Borders

Has done an investigation and and concluded that EXA that Israel did actually Target those journalists and of course Israel uh has denied that and I’ll just say also um you know Travis we’ve really seen the last day or so here a bit of an uptick a bit of an

Escalation in this fighting across the Lebanese uh Israeli border so you know for the last six weeks we’ve seen almost daily exchanges of fire but we’ve been seeing this steady escalation um and we’ve been seeing you know Hezbollah use more advanced military equipment Israel increased the number of air strikes

Rather than uh you know drone attacks that it’s been using um so so these sorts of uh the sort of Weaponry that the two sides are using is also being escalated and we’ve also seen attacks deeper inside both Lebanon and and um also inside uh uh Israel so you know of

Course that is a concern because there’s this concern that that could spark a regional War and the last thing I’ll say uh you know Travis is that um we’re just hearing reports now uh that we cannot confirm coming from the Lebanese news agency that four people have been killed

In an Israeli strike on a car uh just south of the Lebanese city of tier uh we don’t have a lot of details at this point on that strike but what I will say is that if that is confirmed and if those are civilians this will be

By far the most deadly day for civilians in Lebanon since this conflict started Rebecca card for us in Beirut thank you Rebecca

A rocket strike killed two journalists working for a Lebanon-based TV station, as well as a third person, near the border with Israel on Tuesday, the Lebanese state news agency reported.

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