Kaboom!💥Volcanic eruption sends smoke and ash clouds into sky over Papua New Guinea #volcanoeruption



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The Japanese meteorological agency says a volcano in Papa New Guinea has erupted briefly prompting a tsunami scare for Japanese Coast mount ulaan on the island of New Britain erupted at around 3:30 in the afternoon Monday local time spewing volcanic smoke as high as 15,000 M after

Assessing the risk of a tsunami it was determined that no notable change to sea levels had been detected at observation sites in and outside Japan meanwhile some residents on the remote papano guini island are preparing to evacuate from the vicinity today the country sits on the Pacific Ring of Fire as it’s

Known a horseshoe shaped band of volcanoes and fault lines circling the edges of the Pacific Ocean

Smoke and ash clouds blanketed the sky in Papua New Guinea on Tuesday, a day after a volcano erupted on the country’s northeastern island of New Britain.

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