Justin Trudeau warns polarization in Canada is on the rise


One of the challenges that we’re seeing right now is that is that there is such hurt there is such grief there is such anger across the country because of what’s going on in the Middle East that people are forgetting a little bit that we’re a country that protects the

Freedom of expression that protects uh Liberty of conscience that that that respects and supports people even when we disagree with them uh across various points of view that has been one of the strengths of Canada for our entire existence we’re a place that does diversity better than just about

Anywhere else and we have to remember that just waving a Palestinian flag is not automatically anti-Semitism and someone expressing grief for you know hostages taken is not an endorsement of uh dead civilians the reality is the polarization we are seeing in Canada that is replicated around the world the

Rise at the same time of anti-semitism and islamophobia is really scary not just for who we are as Canadians but for any hope of seeing uh over the coming days weeks months a uh move towards a two-state solution where a free independent safe Palestinian State uh is thriving alongside a free independent

Safe Jewish state of Israel this is what we need to get to and as long as Canadians are forgetting who we are and lashing out at each other uh for reasons of deep and understandable hurt um it becomes more more difficult uh to to actually do the kinds of things that the

World needs Canada to be to be doing

Prime Minister Trudeau said people within Canada need to remember to respect each other amid growing polarization over the Israel-Hamas war.

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  1. This guy….total lack of self-awareness. What's next? Is he going to fly around in a private jet, to accomplish absolutely nothing, while lecturing Canadians about the environmental cost of heating their homes?


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