Israel news | Biden: Deal to release hostages is ‘now very close’


Weeks as you all know I’ve spoken recently about it with both the Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Amir cutter my team has been in the region shuttering shuttling uh between Capital we uh we’re now very close very close uh we could bring some of these

Hes home very soon but I don’t want to get into into the details of things because nothing is done until it’s done and uh we have more to say we will but things are looking good at the moment now we’re here today to talk about

Fentanyl and how we can do more to save American lives okay so that was Joe Biden just moments ago giving a short statement on a potential hostage deal saying it’s not done until it’s done but again saying that they are closer than they ever have been

U.S. President Joe Biden says a deal to free the hostages taken during Hamas’ attack on Israel is ‘now very close.’

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  1. U mean 125 hostages that Israeli killed ?oh you mean the ones that they didn’t give a crap about ????Netanyahu is a war criminals? they will continue to protest against him until he resigns??

  2. So Isreal has Palestine kids and women in jail ?, wow , you have Palestine hostages from long time in your jail , I wonder how many kids in Israel's jail, and nobody talk about them until this tragic ?

  3. No, don’t let Biden’s administration to be part of the deal to release the hostages. He will give hamas probably 100 billion dollars and say that thanks to him the hostages are free.


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