Discover the lowest-ranked airlines for on-time arrivals in North America, including Canadian carriers

Canadian airlines rank last for on-time arrivals in North America


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“The two biggest airlines in the country are failing to deliver on their promise of timely arrivals, a new report finds. The study, conducted by aviation data company Cirium, shows that Air Canada and WestJet are both ranked at the bottom among large North American carriers in terms of on-time performance, with over 28 and 29 percent of their flights landing late respectively. As alarming as this data may seem, it raises important questions about the operational challenges faced by these airlines and the potential impacts on their staff, passengers, and the industry at large.”

It’s All About the (Lack of) Timing

“It’s easy to beat down on Air Canada and WestJet for their poor on-time performance, but the reality is far more complex. The aviation industry as a whole struggles with the on-time arrival of flights, as the North American average is well below the desired 80 percent mark. Factors such as weather conditions, a shortage of air traffic controllers, high demand, and global supply chain issues contribute to the delays. This pattern raises concerns about the efficiency and capacity of the entire airline sector, not just those of Air Canada and WestJet.”

A Complex Tangle of Airline Operations

“A major contributor to the problem is the high demand and capacity constraints faced by airlines. When flights are fully booked, as is often the case, the system lacks the leeway to handle disruptions. This can lead to a domino effect of delays for both the airlines and the passengers. While the airlines’ management may have “lacked expected levels of operations”, the reality is that they are dealing with a web of regulatory, logistical, and labour challenges.”

An Endnote to the Chaos

“The issue of on-time performance extends beyond Air Canada and WestJet. The situation calls for a collective introspection from the entire airline industry. Are the issues faced by Air Canada and WestJet prone to the wider airline sector? What are the repercussions for their staff and passengers? By acknowledging these larger, systemic problems, the industry as a whole can begin to address the root causes of the delays and chart a more efficient path forward.”


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