Canadian’s harrowing journey from Gaza to Egypt: ‘I can’t believe I’m alive right now’

'I don't believe that I'm alive right now': Canadian recounts perilous journey from Gaza to Egypt


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“Relief Abounds as Canadian Citizen Flees Perilous Situation in Gaza”

“Never-Ending Nightmare”
“Gone but Not Forgotten”
“Hope in the Darkness”

Akram Al-Sabbagh, a Canadian citizen for over 30 years, recently made a daring escape from Gaza to reunite with his family in Toronto. The heart-wrenching ordeal involved life-threatening conditions as he fled from Hamas militants who escalated the conflict between Gaza and Israel, resulting in over 1,200 lives lost and thousands injured.

After an emotional welcome at Toronto Pearson International Airport, Al-Sabbagh expressed his euphoria at reuniting with his family and reveling in the safety of Canada. However, his departure paints a harrowing picture of the plight that continues to torment countless families in the Gaza Strip.

The Road to Safety:

Escaping from the relentless devastation in Gaza, Al-Sabbagh faced insurmountable challenges along the way. His harrowing trek to the Rafah border crossing included walking five kilometres on foot, carrying his belongings while missiles exploded in close proximity. Rejected five times at the border, he persevered, driven by the hope of reuniting with his family in Canada.

Alarming Realities:

Akram’s escape highlights the dire conditions besieging Gaza and the prolonged suffering endured by its residents. Scarce access to food, water, and necessities posed a severe threat to the people struggling to survive amidst the ongoing violence.

A Bittersweet Departure:

As Al-Sabbagh’s family celebrates his safe return, the haunting reality of the conflict lingers. Countless families continue to endure the horrors of war, their fate unknown, and their lives at constant risk. Samah, Al-Sabbagh’s daughter, encapsulates the mixed emotions that prevail, echoing the torment of not knowing the fate of their relatives in Gaza.

As we share in Akram Al-Sabbagh’s joyful reunion with his family, the unfathomable plight of families trapped in Gaza begs for our attention and compassion. How many more lives must be lost, and families torn apart before the conflict is resolved? Who will step forward to bring an end to the unyielding trauma that has besieged Gaza and Israel for generations? May Al-Sabbagh’s safe return serve as a poignant reminder of the urgent need to address the conflict, so that others may also find refuge from the horror that continues to plague their lives.


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