Canadians “don’t give two hoots” about Ontario Greenbelt reversal bill: Doug Ford #Canada #Ford



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Why is the government blocking the public from participating in the bill 136 hearings is it possibly to avoid accountability for preferential treatment of the premier’s special greenb friends Prem here she said we need to hear from the public do you know why you aren’t hearing from the public they

Don’t give two Hoots about that I’ll tell you what they care about they care about their interest rates going up they care about affordable homes that they block every single vote we have to make things easier and more affordable homes they worry about the next year or two

When their interest rates get jacked up and all of a sudden they’re paying three four $5,000 more a month

In response to a question from the Ontario NDP in Toronto, Ont. on Monday, Ontario Premier Doug Ford said that the public “don’t give two hoots” about his government’s bill to return land to the Greenbelt, but rather care about interest rates and affordable homes. #Canada #Ontario #DougFord #FordGovernment #ONpoli #politics

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