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Canada's NDP takes on big airlines for their treatment of persons with disabilities « Canada's NDP


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“NDP Takes Action Against Discriminatory Treatment by Canadian Airlines”

The mistreatment of passengers with disabilities by Canadian airlines has sparked outrage and action from NDP transport critic Taylor Bachrach and NDP disability and inclusion critic Bonita Zarrillo. These members of the NDP are holding the Liberal government accountable for the discriminatory and unacceptable treatment that has plagued the air travel sector.

Unanimous Support for Committee Hearings

Bachrach’s motion, which unanimously passed at the Transport committee, calls for the CEOs of Air Canada and WestJet, as well as the Minister of Transport and other government officials, to testify before the committee. This study aims to address the issue of inaccessibility within the air sector and shed light on the specific changes that are needed to prevent such mistreatment from happening again in the future.

Zarrillo’s Similar Motion

In a similar move, Zarrillo passed a motion at the Committee on Human Resources, Skills and Social Development and the Status of Persons with Disabilities, calling the CEO of Air Canada to answer for recent violations related to persons with disabilities. These violations included a disturbing incident in which a passenger had to drag himself off an Air Canada flight after being refused a wheelchair.

The Need for Accountability

The NDP is taking a firm stance on this issue, emphasizing the need for real accountability within the airlines. Bachrach and Zarrillo are vocal about their disapproval of the Liberal government’s inaction in the face of such mistreatment, calling for stronger regulations to ensure the safety and fair treatment of passengers with disabilities.

Conclusion: Standing Up for Equality and Fair Treatment

As the NDP fights for the rights of passengers with disabilities, they send a strong message to Canadian airlines and the government: discriminatory treatment will not be tolerated. The compelling actions taken by Bachrach and Zarrillo serve as a reminder of the need for accountability and change within the air travel sector. It is vital that all passengers, regardless of their abilities, are treated with respect and dignity. This ongoing battle for equality and fair treatment will continue to impact the future of air travel in Canada.


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