Campus radicals have graduated into the highest levels of political power: Benjamin Weingarten



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It does appear that there’s been a safe space in the west now created for all the anti-western forces and they’ve never been as overt and open about it as they are now why is that the case it may well be that you have cowed Western leaders that we did not have certainly

In America for the last four years perhaps most disturbingly of all from my vantage point in America is that you have the up for rungs of an Administration that essentially subscribe to the same worldview that’s maybe the most disturbing thing of all it’s not just campus radicals that those

Campus radicals have matriculated to the heights of political power to the heights of cultural power certainly corporate power in certain instances as well but if you look the National Security Council In America which is the chief National Security advisory arm to the president the head of intelligence

At NS C here was a pro BDS activist in college we’ve we’ve probably talked about Rob Mai in the past before but Rob Mali was the senior State Department Envoy to Iran trying to execute an Iran deal 2.0 it appears Rob Mali L an Iranian spying one of the people he

Brought in that spiring still works in a senior position at the Department of Defense so more disturbing is that the campus radicals have all graduated in or been brought into the heights of political power obviously you mentioned of course the likes of the squad and we’ve talked about Ilan Omar before and

My book on Anan Omar American ingrate foretold all of this it it suggested that this was the future if not the presence of the Democrat Party it certainly played out that way but to your point when you take already the virulent Jew hatred and anti-western Views that prevailed on college campuses

And then you have mass immigration from Islamic countries to the West and all you have to do is look at the polling in those countries to show that the Jew hatred is disproportionate in virtually every country in the Middle East and Beyond and we can talk about what the

Roots of the Jew hatred are and is it based in the Islamic Cannon or not it doesn’t really matter we don’t have to have that academic argument the fact of the matter is disproportionately among in the Muslim World there is Jew hatred and if you were going to import wide SWV of the

Muslim World while you would hope that a decent percentage of those people would be those trying to flee the maladies and the pathologies of that world of course enemies are going to take advantage of our liberalism when it comes to immigration and people are going to come

Over with the beliefs that they held there there’s a reason why the Middle East looks the way the Middle East does and there’s a reason that Switzerland looks the way Switzerland does or Mexico looks the way it does different peoples are different we hold deep and dear different ideas we’re animated by

Different drives and so consequently you add it all up and it’s a very poisonous and toxic mix here in the west the US and probably to an extent as well Canada were blessed by our geography that we haven’t necessarily had as big Mass immigration from the Islamic world as you’ve had

Wars throughout the Middle East but certainly Western Europe is not the Western Europe that it was it is a different place today and in some cases the irony here is that we hear about occupation occupation well in some ways it’s the West that’s really increasingly

Occupied yeah well I mean uh if you look at the map of Islam Itself by decade by Century Islam is a colonizing I mean it’s a it’s a religion it’s a a political way of life but it’s also a military Doctrine the Quran is a military document as well as other

Things um let me just ask you one question you mentioned Joe Biden in some ways he said the right things I I remember his first visit to Israel shortly after the October 7th attacks and I was extremely nervous because you could see he was wobbly and sleepy and

Who knows how how much but he managed to get through it without saying something disastrous I think um on the one hand I look at the two aircraft carrier groups in the region and I think okay that’s to make sure turkey or Iran don’t start something I guess but I also thought

Well maybe that’s there to keep Israel Camp down I don’t know can you help me understand you you say that Joe Biden has said one thing and done done another thing what has Joe Biden done that has been me other than his support for Iran I understand they released billions of

Dollars more for Iran actually in recent weeks um what has Joe Biden done that has undermined Israel because at least rhetorically there have been some moments that I thought well that’s better than I thought it would be what has he done to undermine Israel in actions yeah so I’ve I’ve long suggested that

There is something of a bear hug going on which was something that Barack Obama tried to do he said well we have military relations with Israel and we’re going to provide Israel Aid and we’re GNA basically suffocate Israel with that Aid to force it into accepting an Iran

Deal we’re going to leak information to undermine Israel’s military operations to try and neutralize Iran but we’re going to cover it up by saying we’re best friends and we have massive a and the Iron Dome you can see as a testament to it Etc there’s a similar ruse that’s

Being played with Joe Biden as you note the rhetoric at times suggests stalwart support on the other hand there was a $4 billion military aid bill which Republicans passed through the house to dellink spending associated with the war in Israel military spending from Ukrainian spending and a whole amalgam of other

Appropriations Biden said he would veto it outright they said it was a polit the Republicans were being political by trying to do this 14 billion do which would be taken away from IRS agents harassing Americans essentially Democrats shot it down in the Senate wouldn’t wouldn’t vote on it Joe Biden

Won’t even have a chance to veto it but if you want to talk broad Strokes here are the real distinctive items in my view I agree by way the carrier being brought in is actually made to deter Israel not to deter Iran and other powers in the region and by the way you

Can see that because Iran and its proxies have executed dozens of attacks on US military facilities and Personnel in the region with barely a response from this Administration but the micromanaging of Israel’s response is really the proof in the pudding as I see it the Biden Administration has really

From the start whispered about ceasefire continues to try and push so-called ceasefires and for the for Israel to permit quote unquote humanitarian Aid which in reality of course means resupplying and refueling Hamas Pro give providing it cover and time to recuperate to strengthen so that it can withstand Israel’s attack let’s not

Forget Israel was not allowed not permitted essentially by the US to engage in any sort of ground defensive for weeks it gave Hamas time to prepare the Biden Administration has said explicitly Israel you are not to ultimately Annex parts of or otherwise control Gaza there needs to be an

International Force the day after the war ends the Biden Administration has been very tough on Israel in terms of you ought not to strike Hezbollah or other Iranian proxies in the region outside of Gaza also the Biden Administration continues to talk about the imperative for a two- stat solution

Which should be a laughable and a laughably offensive proposition after you’re talking about the worst Slaughter of Jew since the Holocaust then you want to give the Palestinian Authority control over Gaza a Palestinian Authority by the way which itself has excused the attacks and denies essentially the attacks that Hamas

Committed a pal and and then if you look at the polling of Palestinian Arabs overwhelmingly three4 plus were overjoyed by hamas’s disgusting raping jihadism massacring of people Etc hostage taking Etc so you add these points up the micromanaging of the effort the seeking to restrain Israel and force it to

Comport itself the way the way the US wants constantly invoking the fact that Israel has to abide by the laws of war we’re talking about a force that provides its enemies with more protections the civilians around enemies with more protections than any fighting force probably in the history of mankind

And has done so by the way in Gaza in trying to allow the Palestinian Arabs to leave Northern Gaza and go south before the offensive really took off in every single Dimension there’s been pressure last but not least and obviously we can talk about the fact that the US

Continues to cultivate these friendly relations with cter when cutter is harboring hamas’s leaders we can talk about the unfreezing of the billions of dollars to Iran we can talk about the Biden administration’s delinking explicitly of Iran from hamas’s attacks essentially serving as mouthpieces for Iran protecting it and its public

Relations image beyond all that there’s a whispering campaign and it’s come out of course in major Publications major US publications of the bid Administration talking about how they’re really looking towards the next Israeli leader to execute this effort and maybe BB isn’t long for this effort in the middle of

Wartime after an in an existential crisis you’re going to have a whispering campaign where you’re going to try to shove aside Benjamin n yahu the wartime leader there is that something that an ally and a friend does then we could talk on the home front about the fact

That the Biden Administration when you have the biggest rise in anti-Semitism in Jew hatred that we’ve seen probably on in modern era in America and what’s the focus of the administration they call for a working group or something even more formal than that on islamophobia that’s the real issue at

Hand in America so you put all of these pieces together last but not least just before we came to record this over the weekend the Biden Administration put out a memo to its cabinet talking about how they would like to impose sanctions on quote unquote settlers in the West Bank

I.E Jude and Samaria part of those sanctions on quote unquote the violent Israeli extremist there is that sanctions can be slapped on you and no Visa permitted for an individual to the extent they are an impediment essentially to a quote unquote two-state solution so if you’re an Israeli wrong

Thinker now essentially the Biden Administration wants to criminalize your wrong think add all of these pieces up and the notion that this Administration has Israel’s back Falls by the wayside we will see what kinds of strings become attached when it comes to weapon sales and other Military Support as Israel’s

Operation goes on but there’s already been word that there are serious strings attached all of this points to not a friend but someone seeking to restrain Israel to maintain the status quo of making Iran the strong course in the Middle East to the detriment of the western world

On last night’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Benjamin Weingarten joined the show to discuss Joe Biden’s presidency and how anti-Western forces have embedded themselves within some of the most significant institutions in politics, business, and culture.

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