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Great to see that see you when did you get in by way I got in uh a few hours ago yeah literally yeah I was in I was in in Vancouver last night well let me be the first to welcome you are the first to welcome it uh what a what a

Pleasure to be back uh it’s always so good to see you uh we got a lot to talk about obviously I speaking to Golden Gate I think I’m you gave me these socks last time so you know maybe maybe still doing those socks well you know what

What have you ever been caught with black socks on I mean is that just too embarrassing just too embarrassing uh listen so much uh so much to talk about uh on climate on um that’s Justin Trudeau like he’s he’s a hollow man he’s an empty suit um and and his jokes from

2015 and 16 are a little bit stale uh but I I just wanted to show the two of them together because I I think that gabin Nome as president would be very similar to Justin Trudeau nothing but messaging disastrous all around uh and a friend of China uh help me understand

What’s going on with Gavin Nome he went to China he had a a one-on-one meeting with Xi Jinping that’s got to be arranged with the assistance of the state department then shii jingping uh and Joe Biden get together tell me I want to talk more about gabin new in a

Minute but tell me about what looks like a a a a warm spring this fall for the Chinese dictatorship in the eyes of Joe Biden how what’s going on with XI Jin ping uh there don’t mind me on my Gavin McKinnis and Trudeau sock story I just

Wanted to wedge that in there but but what’s going on with with XI Jin ping is he being welcomed back into America’s good books or something well it certainly appears that way the Gavin Nome trip to China and then of course XI xinping coming to the Bay Area Gavin Newsome’s territory the

The China trip itself to me smacks of a shadow campaign and the fact that Gavin Newsome also met with prime minister Trudeau I think is further indicative of the fact that Beyond you know he would argue well look California is a massive State it’s a powerful state so of course

I’m going to meet with heads of other nations the reality is that Gavin Newsome is positioning himself as one of the alternates to Joe Biden I also think Governor Gretchen Whitmer think of herself probably as another potential fill in I’ve long held that I believe that a compromis cognitively compromised as well Joe

Biden is potentially not long for this race it doesn’t mean that this Switcheroo is going to happen necessarily now I’ve seen those reports and indicating that in the dnc’s rules essentially that in Smoke Filled rooms effectively the party can replace the leader should he step aside you could have a brokered Democrat convention

Certainly wouldn’t put it past it the democ put wouldn’t put it past the Democrats to do that who the figure is we’ll have to see there’s some identity politics issues to be worked out how are they going to sidestep kamla Harris for example another California figure there

That’s ought to be worked out and we’ll see what happens with the pal Intrigue in the months ahead but as for China she himself and by all accounts communist China’s economy is struggling they have real issues so naturally what are America’s leaders doing well they’re trying to potentially provide China a

Lifeboat you had many members of major corporations come and speak with Xi Jinping and impress upon him that American Business Leaders are souring on China we need to reopen this relationship Business Leaders have always been the preeminent agents of influence essentially and mouthpieces for the Chinese Communist party it’s how

They impact US policy in large part historically the Biden Administration desperately it seems wants to reopen relations with communist China and try to find different areas in which we can somehow work together because we need to cool down the temperature is the the rationale and so uh of course

Ironically the green agenda is probably the most important agenda from Biden administration’s perspective next to I guess reopening military to military Communications as if those Communications won’t be exploited by communist China the first sort of leg of this new romance between shei and Biden was this so-called fentol deal whereby

Supposedly China which I would argue is engaged in a new Opium War essentially chemical or biological warfare against the west by being the key producer of the chemicals behind fentol then actually created in Mexico and exported to the US and elsewhere China says it’s going to clamp down on these essentially

Death factories that have been killing tens of thousands of Americans a year in effect it’s going to shut down those companies the factories in exchange for the US pulling off of a Commerce Department Blacklist an entity of China’s domestic National Security and intelligence apparatus which had been blacklisted for its complicity allegedly

In shinjang weager repression so this is a gulag focused entity of the Chinese Communist party and so turning off the killing machines this National Security apparatus entity gets the benefit of being able to import us Technologies once again is reportedly the deal that shows you that black blackmail and

Extortion works if you’re communist China and this is being presented as the first step in a thaw in relations and that this is imperative to end the rockiness between the two powers from the US perspective and I guess forall an invasion of Taiwan but there’s zero sign

That xiin ping will not invade Taiwan there’s every sign that as always China will use the West’s burning desire to want to negotiate and come to some deals to exploit them cheat and steal in connection with those deals and ultimately ruthlessly pursue its perceived interest that is where we

Stand right now maybe there’s also an election year element to this of Joe Biden realizes how weak he looks on communist China so he’s looking for some kind of out here but I don’t think it’s going to be met and instead unfortunately you’re going to have China

Likely trying to play a much bigger role for example in the Middle East and with Iran as well and maybe try to serve as a quote unquote mediator so all of this will be disastrous for the west and again you know if you’re in Taiwan I have to think you’re praying

That there’s no Invasion over the next year but there are many signals to indicate to me that there might never be a better time from the ccp’s perspective to do something really provocative and seize Taiwan which has always been I think XI jinping’s desired crowning achievement

| Senior Contributor at The Federalist Benjamin Weingarten joins The Ezra Levant Show to weigh in on President Joe Biden’s visit with Xi Jinping.
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